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  1. k= at | | Reply

    why would she get to keep the Kelly? isnt it from a movie? this mulberry bag is a very ‘old is gold’ classic and yet plain and boring. but just by looking at the bag i can imagine how lush and soft the leather must be!

  2. Nams at | | Reply

    While I agree that the Mulberry tote is a smart piece, I fail to see any justification for the 5 digit pricetag.. I personally feel branded bags by Hidesign, BnB and Da Milano carry great stuff at a fraction of the price and tht there bags r no less thn the Mulburry’s / LVs etc…

    regd the orange kelly in L by C, maybe the reason we havent seen is tht it was a prop / owned by the production team nd not Dimplee’s own..

  3. pdaervo at | | Reply

    i LOOOOOVE that oragne Kelly!
    I want I want!
    she should definitely carry THAT instead!
    ! (for good measure)

  4. meha at | | Reply

    she’s so pretty, not too sure about the sari.. maybe if she draped it a bit differently? LOVE the bag!

  5. Clio at | | Reply

    Maybe just bad photos, but the look makes her look older and tired – and boring. The bag doesn’t suit the sari either.

  6. K at | | Reply

    Dimple comes across as so classy in this sari — she’s fashionable w/o the high maintenance vibe. Love that about her.

  7. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    @Nams, 5 digit price tag? the website says that the bag is “only” $895. i think that’s the least expensive purse we’ve seen dimple carry. anyway, while prices of many of these designers bags are exorbitantly high, at least one can somewhat pacify oneself if they look good. but i have noticed that dimple just has strange taste in bags. also, i don’t get why she frequently pairs office-looking bags with saris. it just looks odd and clunky.

    i’m sure she would look better if she just removed the sari pallu from around her should.

    1. rock_N_Rose at | | Reply

      @ peachbellini – I meant in INR terms!

  8. PeachBellini at | | Reply


  9. ashwini at | | Reply

    she looks so old. what hpnd!?

  10. anamika at | | Reply

    gosh she does look tired. i hope it’s just a bad picture. i like the sari although it’s draped oddly.

  11. monika at | | Reply

    Love the colour of the sai there. The bag is boring, more like something one would carry to work.

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