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  1. sue9a at | | Reply

    she has lovely, voluminous hair. must be difficult to tame

  2. just me at | | Reply

    She looks a right mess!

  3. WittyWman at | | Reply

    *Black Magic*..:) loved the look..& I think this is the most beautiful pic of the week on HHC :)

  4. shriya at | | Reply

    the dress and waistcoat are really mismatched however she is really beautiful and can carry off anything. she could even wear a garbage bag and make it look good.

  5. aura at | | Reply

    the vest is gorgeous but what fugly pants are those…?

  6. Teespeak at | | Reply

    Refreshingly different!

  7. Ayelet at | | Reply

    Absolutely dig what she has done with the vest. Love it even more after checking out Kalki & Swati’s style. This one looks the best.

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