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  1. dn at | | Reply

    Everything great but the length of the kameez, and its not falling well. But that has happened to me too.
    How is she so consistent? What an amazing capacity to almost always be right. And I love the fact that she doesn’t go the designer route.

  2. hsap at | | Reply

    Fab , again.

    I tell you how does she do it , she has a very non-bollywood-bandwagony ,non-blingy, non-OTT ,non-sexy-gone-wrong, non-garish taste in fashion which sets her apart from rest of bollywood brigade , she has a great sense of what suits her + works for her , use natural hair color, lenses, and make up ,and must be having a large size mirror in her closet to check herself out before leaving ( pun intended).

    1. Nidhi at | | Reply

      ahh, you said it better than what i was going to put down. :)

      1. GG at | | Reply

        haha..well put. I like the mirror part. One more thing that works for her is her attitude. She doesn’t have any. She looks very down to earth.

    2. kasthuri at | | Reply

      nicely put. Its something so ordinary and it looks so good on her. Something that any girl on the street can be wearing and yet the simplicity of it makes it look lovely on her.

    3. Shiva at | | Reply

      exactly wat i intended to say,
      she is a pretty girl wid a nice enuf dressing sense!
      may not b adventurous, out-of-the-box, or style-iconic
      but i wud take this any day over the b’wood bling brigade and pseudo-fashionistas x

  3. Kayshika at | | Reply

    It’s very traditional.(Unlike the crazy garish designer stuff everyone is wearing) And you cant go wrong with that!
    That’s how she does it.

  4. chica -go at | | Reply

    Dia sure has a way of making everything looking nice on her.

    And from the pictures one get a wibe of being likable..

    nicely done!

  5. Prema at | | Reply

    she looks way too ordinary plus the color is not doing any justice to her beauty.

  6. suri at | | Reply

    I think she looks great as usual. I wonder if her kameez would have fallen better if she was wearing high heels. Not to fond of her chappals. Because her outfit is fairly casual and non blingy I think it would have looked even better with a nice pair of heels and clutch.

  7. Such at | | Reply

    Meh. You see salwar suits like this on every other person in middle-class India.

    Actually, to correct myself, you see salwar suits *better* than this on every one in middle-class India.

  8. mary at | | Reply

    Its definitely way better than what the others have been sporting but only in comparison. otherwise the suit is pretty ordinary and the limp hair isn’t doing anything for me. kudos to her though for trying something non blingy and non desginer on a regular basis.

  9. BG at | | Reply

    She surely looks amazing but she could avoid that neckless or embroidary on the neckline.

  10. Kriti at | | Reply

    Wow, love this appearance!!!
    So non filmy, non celebrity type. Just like one of us dress up for family functions :) Such a relief to see someone not so dolled up!!!

  11. RS at | | Reply

    She simply has great style. I really like her now after seeing her posts on this blog.

  12. monika at | | Reply

    Yup! she looks lovely….& that colour is gorgeous. Wish she had some heels on to make it all look more formal

  13. Abscessed at | | Reply


  14. ZI at | | Reply

    Im sorry thats just an ugly outfit….Even if Dias wearing it.
    Put it on anyone else and we wouldve grumbled our asses off. This is a Miss for me

  15. ash at | | Reply

    There def. appears to be a Diya fan club going on, on these pages! The suits o.k nothing to get over-excited about, but she looks pretty and simple like she usually does.

  16. lazyU at | | Reply

    I have no idea why women seem to think looking like a christmas tree is going to do them any favours..

    This attire is sensible, tasteful and classic

  17. Amber at | | Reply

    Oh come on P n P… You guys are biased! Its too plain and the footwear is not nice at all! Even the shape of the kurta is not great. I like dia and i all for looking pretty and chic but this one falls flat!

  18. Adara at | | Reply

    She nailed it. Again. The fact is this suit is not all that good but she makes it look so wonderfully exquisite. The make up is always right. Nothing gaudy ever. She is definitely a class apart. Love. love her elegance and charm.

  19. sheena at | | Reply

    she looks amazing! i agree with all of italicized statements.
    she is class and elegance personified.

  20. shireen at | | Reply

    This outfit is nothing to write home about, especially at a Diwali bash.

    1. rina at | | Reply

      Yeah exactly! It’s fine for a puja but not for a big diwali bash! And what’s wrong with dressing up for diwali anyway?!! She could have at least worn some amazing earrings and shoes rather than that not so attractive necklace.

  21. FARAH at | | Reply

    Really Guys..whts soo great bout her oufit??
    She loooks totally bland to me, flat hair and a tacky neckpiece..come on..
    only the colour is nice, nothing else to write bout as such

  22. Rohan Mehta at | | Reply

    The answer is :-

    She is just perfect ! :)

    Love you Dee ! :):)

  23. Spin at | | Reply

    Natural fabrics. Thats why.

  24. Faby at | | Reply

    She really deserves to be applauded for making such ordinary piece of silk work!! What could have looked any bollywood celebrity look sooooo ordinary has worked big time on her! Her secret is she wears relatable clothes, is not in a hurry to display all items in one go (as most of the ladies out there), mixes & matches just-the-right-amount! The glowing skin she has proves an icing on the cake!

  25. KS at | | Reply

    If this is not boring what else is.

  26. suchi at | | Reply

    well the sad truth is if you are pretty and have a decent figure (read skinny) you can wear anything. that said, this outfit is awful. she can do so much better. this doesnt highlight her beauty in any way..

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