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  1. chittara at | | Reply

    Dia luking fabulous..my all time favourite

  2. Ratan at | | Reply

    Too much going on with this outfit. Blah!

  3. Senorita at | | Reply

    I never get designs like this. Slits make complete sense in skirts that are figure-hugging, to help you walk. Slits in umbrella-cut skirts are cynically cut only for a leg-show.
    Ugh. Senseless design and an uncharacteristic flop for Diya.

  4. Sara at | | Reply

    Diya is so so so boring !!!
    She’s always dressed up in these princessy cutie dolls
    I’m dying to see her wear some sexy..sheer..some skin showing off

  5. PinknBlue at | | Reply

    Leg pose bug has bitten Dia too.. Sigh..

  6. s at | | Reply

    Yep, deep neckline + leg show = not Dia. Her uncomfortable smile shows it all

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