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  1. shahina at | | Reply

    she wears dresses that r similar to wat all the oldies in hollywood wear…infact they r better….this dress n colour both r boring to the death!

  2. Nirah at | | Reply

    No No. I like nothing in this picture- dress,hair lip colour, shoes.Nothing

  3. high heels at | | Reply

    Beautiful lady

  4. rB at | | Reply

    doesn’t her dress resemble sonam kapoor’s vintage dress worn for kbc

  5. Nidhi at | | Reply

    For some reson she luks very tired…
    d charm on her face which makes anything and everything works for her is missing…
    i think a thin belt and nice thin strap sandals would have made a whole lot of difference :)

  6. Srishti at | | Reply

    Please stop featuring Dia so much! Her sartorial choices aren’t exactly the most exciting/interesting…

  7. Maze at | | Reply

    The belt is too heavy for that dress.

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