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    Weeeeeee… I have that MK bag the model is carrying, and I love it!

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      ooooh, that’s the first thing i noticed, way before the dress ;) lucky you!

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    lovesit! good job pastyface :P

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    I love it. Dia Mirza rarely has an unstylish moment !

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    She nails the look and she does nail pretty well…But she comes across more lady like whereas the dress demands a l’tle spunk !!

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    so jealous of her peachy-cream complexion.. arrhhgg!!

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    love it. she looks gorgeous

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    you girls loved the fugly shoes on rheaa and have doubts about Dia’s?
    Reminder to self: when checking out this blog, skip the two sentences next to the pictures.

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        everyone including you and P&P are entitled to their opinion.

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    Love Dias look . she can carry this off with such ease . She could have done better with the shoes i agree but all said and done i think she looks great as always .

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    I love her style, she always looks so classy and ladylike.

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    Neat look….Like

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    dia looks awesome! she always manages to look elegant and graceful. it’s not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    to the core…..love it!

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    Perfect !! She looks so good. Simple yet stunning.

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    she looks fab! can’t act for nuts but she does dress well. love the ankle sandals!

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    I actually think these shoes work really well with Dia’s outfit although wish I could get a sideview on them. I think she’s rockin the look though, perfect mix of stylish casual for daytime.

    LOL gotta agree with the comment above -hated the shoes on Rhea! But to each their own :D

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    this is perfectttttttttttt =) hahah now i need to go find this dress!

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    Absolutely LOVE her Shoes…..yum yum !!!

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    Love love love it! Dia brings so much more to the dress than the model!

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    Like the dress on Dia, not the shoes..her toes seem to overhanging.

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    Love! She can never go wrong in my books… one fierce look after another.

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    What’s that small green spot one her right collarbone area?

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    The only thing that makes her pull it off is her super skinny legs!!
    Her ankles look freaky however!

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    love it!!!!!

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    Sorry guys – but i think her feet look like hooves..as much as i love the booties…

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    i like this look.

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    awesome look.. according 2 me…

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    love the look! fabulous and flawless!

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