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  1. A.dot.2.many at | | Reply

    looks very anamika khanna

    1. Ahot at | | Reply

      Yep, a very bad one @ that! The hair is just plain bad, bedroom-hair gone wrong. Awful. The ensemble looks really cheap & poorly executed. I am surprised P&P like it that much.

  2. Mrsa at | | Reply

    All that is missing on Dia is a gold head band . Wear one and she’ll turn into Parveen Bhabi from Jawani Janeman haseen dilruba days…

    1. PC at | | Reply

      +1 The garish outfit should be packed and sent back to the 80s where it belongs

  3. Fergie at | | Reply

    What kind of outfit is this? She looks like kid playing dress-up with her mommy’s saree or dupatta.

  4. neha at | | Reply

    I usually like Dia ‘s styling………….but this one is a rare miss from her…………the outfit looks unfinished….reminds of a little girl playing dress up

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      Exactly my thoughts. sonam did wear something similar once and she totally pulled it off. But on Dia it just doesnt look right.

  5. Prep-y at | | Reply

    What’s with Diya.. she used to turn up so much better.

  6. SMM at | | Reply

    This looks like she was getting late at the gym so just wrapped a dupatta sari style around her workout gear

  7. Sherry at | | Reply

    I agree with the above comment about dupatta wrapped around work out gear..I just don’t get this outfit…

  8. JOKAR at | | Reply

    Superb stuff… She can carry of anything well and she proved that again

  9. Bongbabe at | | Reply

    yeh kya ho raha hai duryodhan?

  10. Fi at | | Reply

    It’s a different avatar , I like it on her… Lovin the spike detail on the shoulder

  11. Savvy at | | Reply

    The odd and downright ugly clothes sometimes perfectly normal people wear in the name of fashion???? Just hate what injustice it does to pretty and graceful Dia

  12. KS at | | Reply

    frankly i hate this weird saree design by Shantani and nikhil

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