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    Simple and elegant and does not attract attention considering she is the producer :)

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    Beautiful. Always so graceful/elegant. Hope the aunties learn a thing or two from her on how to dress in their 30’s and keeping it damn lovely.

    1. OMGosh at | | Reply

      What’s with the “aunties”?? Was that necessary?

    2. VS at | | Reply

      How old are you Adara? A 30 year old can be your aunty only if you are about 10. Your auntying everybody may not be offensive but it is very very irritating.

      1. Adara at | | Reply

        Ok, AM!

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    Perfect from head to toe. She looks lovely. While most find to it difficult to get the shoes right, she nailed it. 10/10 for that.

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    Dia is looking lovely. I think Adara’s comment implies that people in their 30s are aunties and that is a very rude comment.

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