• Yup… she doesnt come across as someone who will prefer stacking bangles over simple beads…
        also the event also at times would determine whether you would stack bangles or use simple sober beads with the dress…
        and she looks great….

  1. Not sure abt this one……….the shirt dress looks incomplete mostly because of the slight slit on the sides….looks like she should have worn it with trousers/leggings. At least the belt saves it a bit

  2. Bangles would have been too cutesy or cliched, imho.. love the delicate neckwear that adds a hint of glamour while keeping the whole look classy and chic!

  3. loverly!! she always looks dewy fresh and classy in everything she wears. love the effortless styling of this look- this is how normal people with style dress :-)


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