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  1. abhi at | | Reply

    where r the shoes from?love em looks amazing on her.

  2. Loulwa at | | Reply

    She looks great!
    Dia has very rarely gone wrong.

  3. pdabre at | | Reply

    Stunner she is .. .no doubt. I would love to own and carry off a dress like that.

  4. Dukcxy at | | Reply

    Bullseye!Now if only aishwarya took a few pointers from her.For that matter, sushmita, bipasha and the rest of them too.

  5. PM at | | Reply

    Oh I was waiting for this post. I think she looks glam and really easy on the eyes! Love it!

  6. dn at | | Reply

    She looks lovely!! Even in a plunging neckline and short length, she looks angelic….
    How high are the heels?

    1. AnI at | | Reply

      mere 6″………

  7. akaa at | | Reply

    She looks great.. she is one of those rare bollywood celebs who rarely goes wrong. . she i sawlys dresses evet appropriate , and elegant.

  8. NJ at | | Reply

    as matter of fact…. she always looks feminine in anything and everything she dresses up… she has great style sense ! i dont remember seeing her in a WTHeyy

  9. Carol at | | Reply

    She looks wonderful.

    I’m not a fan of the clunky shoes with a light feminine dress though.

  10. deewani at | | Reply

    why does her hair and makeup and even her face look so diff in the pic on left? I almost could not recognize.. something wrong with my eye?? or anyone else feel the same?

  11. Ritu at | | Reply

    If it weren’t for the shoes, I would have given this a total OK.

  12. worship_elle at | | Reply

    She should be considered a fashionista, NOT sonam

  13. pdaervo at | | Reply

    She does look amazing. I LOVE the dress, and I love that she has a certain look that she’s able to pull off to go with her personality while keeping it fresh at the same time. I don’t think she deserves the fashionista tag (because she sort of does her own thing- fashionista’s are supposed to be on top of the trends) but stylish she certainly is. Sonam is a Fashionista (with a capital F) for sure, but not an icon quite yet.
    I agree about the shoes as well.

  14. Medha at | | Reply

    The shoes look HOT! What shoes is she wearing??

  15. rêve at | | Reply

    me likee
    this gurl reminds me of Anne Hathaway so many times!

  16. Divya the wannabe fashionista at | | Reply

    I actually don’t think a fashionista is supposed to be on top of trends…I think a fashionista is a person who has a unique sense of style, who may or may not integrate the latest trends without becoming a fashion victim …actually they are ABOVE trends…mixing classic pieces with something quirky and yes even trendy ..

    Sonam wears very very trendy stuff…but that’s just it…she is a fashion victim…you know her knowledge is as good as the magazines she scours to get pointers.

    Hence my love for Patricia Fields work on Carrie (specifically the series and NOT the movie…although the LAMP dress from the movie was extremely memorable)…those uber sexy vint pieces mixed with classic silhouettes …YUMMY

    You know half the women in NYC have been shopping at Saks or Neiman Marcus….and you can tell they went through the latest InStyle…nothing wrong with that…but they are fashion victims.

  17. keya at | | Reply

    Oh I absolutely do…

  18. Divya the wannabe fashionista at | | Reply

    sorry above comment is in reference to Sonam and fashionistas

  19. p at | | Reply

    Like everything except the shoes..

  20. pdaervo at | | Reply

    Well, the definition of fashionista is a person who creates or promotes high fashion ;) I know what you mean, Divya the wannabe fashionista, but I dissagree. I think a fashionista absolutley knows how to work trends straight from the runway. High fashion and all that. If you look at Carrie Bradshaw (SJP), her wardrobe usually consists of both vintage pieces and houte couture- always on trend. Hell, she was a trendsetter herself! Having a personal style (like Dia, or say…Simone) is different. I think that THAT is when you work above the trends and do your own thing. Carrie Bradshaw had her own disticntive personal style as well. I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive, but I do think that they are different :)
    Sometimes, I feel like the term “fashion victim” is ridiculous. I think you really can work anything if you have the right attitude, personality and confidence. People tend to take fashion too seriously, me thinks. I look at it as an art- something fanciful and fun, and not to be taken too seriously.
    (p.s. Sonam is a self-admitted vintage lover. Sigh, I don’t know why she’s brought up in every “Comments” page)

  21. pdaervo at | | Reply

    woah, sorry for the essay :)

  22. _*Dia*_ at | | Reply

    i LOVE her. she looks absolutely gorgeous and feminine. her shoes r fab and her makeup is flawless. i love her style (almost always)! :)

  23. suchi at | | Reply

    wow she looks really good. thsi would look trashy on so many others. her hair is great too

  24. Antonia at | | Reply

    She looks stunning. Hair, makeup, dress & shoes look great together. She shouldn’t have worn the bangle though >_>.
    Medha – I have the same pair of shoes. The sling back style & the closed back style of these shoes are very in – hopefully you should be able to find them at most shoe stores.

  25. Aly at | | Reply

    i have those shoeesss LOL.. wow this is funny their from BCBG.. i love the “short dress.. Elegant Mart has variety of short dresses.. its amazing!!

  26. Pri at | | Reply

    Mm the shoes don’t go and I don’t love the style of the dress..the dress is nice I suppose but the cut etc. could be more interesting..this is a very standard style, the type you get for $12 at Forever 21. Nothing amazing.

  27. monika at | | Reply

    Ah ……….angelic

  28. rite at | | Reply

    Divya I totally agree with everything you said. Sonam is so overrated on this blog.

  29. rite at | | Reply

    also, Dia looks sooo good. I’m not even looking at her outfit because her skin is so flawless.

  30. Sharin at | | Reply

    Wow Divya I ABSOLUTELY 100% AGREE WITH YOU!! Good job, I couldn’t have said it better myself. In most of the posts on Sonam I talk about how I think she’s NOT stylish because she follows the trends too much. Wow I honestly 100% agree with you.. “I actually don’t think a fashionista is supposed to be on top of trends…I think a fashionista is a person who has a unique sense of style, who may or may not integrate the latest trends without becoming a fashion victim …actually they are ABOVE trends…mixing classic pieces with something quirky and yes even trendy ..” – – Good job :)

    I think she would look “sexier” and less “softened/ dainty” if she would change her POSTURE. Her shoulders are not back (meaning her breasts are not..out (for lack of a better word), also her back is not slightly arched meaning her butt is not..out lol. Do you guys get what I mean? If she changed her posture she would go from diminutive to confidently sexy (but in a classy way because some people just exude class no matter what they wear and she is an example of that kind of girl.). Being a Miss India contestant and winner of Miss Asia Pacific I would expect her to have better posture.

    I love her hair although I wish there was a little more volume in the roots. The picture on the left looks ok because her head is down so you see more hair, but if her head was straight on, it would look very flat (like the picture on the right shows). I think the makeup is very nice, her accessories look great, I like the dress. She just needs to fix her posture (Yes, I do like the ladylike aura she portrays but I still think her posture is bad), and more volume at the roots.

    Side note: In the title song from Heyy Babyy.. she totally stands out as a breath of fresh air and more of an “A” list type of actress in comparison to all the other girls in the song.

  31. Nida at | | Reply

    To the T, Dia! She’s up there with Sonam for me… even if they’re not ‘fashionistas’ per se.

  32. madhu at | | Reply

    p&p…so true…this dress is something that woman wear to look sexy but diya looks feminine and not sexy in the least..we cant blame her for her cute looks though

  33. Dukcxy at | | Reply

    I agree with u divya..i feel the same way.I dont like the “Forever 21’s” myself.However if we all give sonam a break shes really young right now and is probably just experimenting.Like we all did in college.So am sure she will deviate more toward classic styles in the future.Shes just having fun!!

  34. Rohan Mehta at | | Reply

    Dia looks elegant and beautiful in everything she wears.. She is jus unbeatable n unstoppable !! WOW !! Muahh !! :)

  35. NJ at | | Reply

    Dia has an innate sense of style. She always wears elegant clothes that suit her rather than the latest trends, which i admire. She looks absolutely gorgeous here!

  36. wa at | | Reply

    the dress is cute, shoes r yuk

  37. kismett at | | Reply

    STUNNING! she has a innocent friendly and intelligent face so that helps her not look valgur.

  38. xoxo at | | Reply

    i agreee she looks good on anythin…love her dress and shoes totally stunning.. even with that neckline and short length i dont think she trying to show off i think she looks feminine and beautiful

  39. Megha at | | Reply


    so much discussion on sonam and dia
    but they both have such distinct styles
    sonam’s is quirky…and while she does follow a lot of trends, she wears a fair bit of vintage too…so i think it’s unfair to call her a fashion victim
    but yeah she’s more fashion aware – and nothing wrong with that

    dia has a very classic style and nails her look everytime without looking like she ever tried

    i love ’em both for their style but they’re chalk and cheese so how can they be compared to each other

  40. emem at | | Reply

    loveeee it.. LOVE the shoes.. and the dress.. and how she carries it..

    wud have loved to see some more attitude maybe via hairstyle or something like that.. this was a perfect dress for that

  41. Divya the wannabe fashionista at | | Reply

    Pdaervo: I am glad you wrote back there is nothing like a healthy debate on the most important topic fashion!

    Working trends into one’s wardrobe is VERY important and that is exactly what I say here “…actually they are ABOVE trends…mixing classic pieces with something quirky and yes even trendy”
    I should have added that a fashionista’s wardrobe would have key trendy pieces but wouldn’t primarily be limited to them. No one can over look SJP’s haute couture/ trendy pieces as they added to or even topped her looks….

    So here is my definition: A fashionista is a person who works a key trendy elements into her wardrobe (but not limiting it to them) while focusing on wearing pieces that defines her sense of personal style and who is constantly pushing her boundaries of fashion (both old and new) to maintain a fresh and unique look.

    And come on fashion victims exist: look at half of Hollywood/Hollywood….

    Would Carrie be caught dead in a Herve Leger (I love them dresses..but its not the dress of a trendsetter (unless maybe if worn with a blazer or bomber jacket and converse shoes….too much???)

    Sharin: I am glad you agree ;-)

    Dukcxy: Forever 21, H&M and Topshop have some yummy inexpensive pieces.. the idea is nto towear everything from there but to wear an H&M blazer with a more expensive chic dress/top ..my two cents

  42. Divya the wannabe fashionista at | | Reply

    a few edits:

    ..and the idea is NOT to wear everything from Forever 21..

  43. Pri at | | Reply

    Sonam looks amazing dont like the shoes much either! Dia looks absolutely beatiful oh and her shoes are from bebe “zahara”

  44. melange at | | Reply

    I do too. :)

  45. viz at | | Reply

    she looks stunning..i would definitely pick her as the best dressed of the lot.

  46. rubywoo at | | Reply

    She looks amazing! – totally amazing, she is not a trendsetter by any stretch of the imagination but she knows what works for her and sticks to it – nothing rong with going out on a limb – but effortless, classic style cannot be bought or taught it would seem – you either have it or you don’t – and this girl definitely has it.

  47. VirgoVixen at | | Reply


  48. KK. at | | Reply

    Beautiful face, excessively sequinned dress, stunning shoes. thats it, she looks like any one of my friends when we go out at night, not much to be said other than that.

  49. ananya_s at | | Reply

    yeahh, she’s lookin gud..perrfct dress, make-up..d shoes nt so musch in-sync wid wat she’s wearin though…
    bt does nobody here feel that she’s clearly nt comforrtable in wat she’s waerin??n dat she’s soooo conscious dat she’s nearly slouching in d fisrt pic??????????

  50. ananya_s at | | Reply

    kk..i meant wearing and first..;-P

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