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  1. Bsimple at | | Reply

    If only he had worn black pants or darker denims…

  2. K.K. at | | Reply

    Too matchy matchy. He would’ve looked way better with a darker jacker or no jacket at all.

  3. lillia at | | Reply

    denim overload..its too bad because he really is the kind of guy that could pull off pretty much anything.

  4. sdn at | | Reply

    it is a bit too matchy, but he is still so yummy.

  5. AMM at | | Reply

    I can forgive anything for KK

  6. Missy Mochi at | | Reply

    too much blue…it’s conflicting!

  7. Megha at | | Reply

    he’s so goregous i didnt look past the neck ;)

  8. NJ at | | Reply

    He looks hot!

  9. Ax at | | Reply

    …. it looks like he has a cavity between his legs

  10. siddharth at | | Reply

    I am sorry but I dont find anything attractive about this man.. absolutely nothing.. his eyes are not bright like John’s

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