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    seen this before…..same ole

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    Is it me or the same pic shows up twice up there?

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      You are right! Fixed it. Thanks.

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    Though it looks same old but upon looking carefully, you can tell it is not. The first Anarkali is so lovely, and the sheer is so subtle. Is it the bird on the sherwani? It’s so unexpected. The blue and brown lenghas are different pallets than what other designers have used so far.

    I think JJ Vallaya does regal and traditional best!

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    Some of these are exquisite…wonderful!

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    Now how mesmerizing is the lady in the first pic, extreme right…truly an angelic face!!

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    Same old maybe…but JJ Valya has class! He uses velvet, net, brocade and bling! And yet manages to create beautiful, elegant, sensual yet somehow understated outfits…
    MM, Sabya should take classes!

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    How is this same old? The man has literally woven stories on those lehangas and the turquoise on sheer is just exquisite

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    Wow!!! This is so beautiful.

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