1. OMG! Love.love.love!!!!!!! She looks SO good. P&P can you please ID the shirt!!!! I know the blazer is Zara! Just bought it today :)

  2. she looks trendy and effortlessly stylish….her legs are amaaaazzzzinnnggg….!!does she hav a new stylist?cos she looks every inch the young,fashionable celeb….love!

  3. she looks so cool….the pairing of that shirt n jacket and the way its worn…..i’ve never liked fringe bags….but here, it goes so well with the outfit…..

  4. Do we only have DP’s fans here? I mean, your comments have so less to do with the outfit. College girls across the world have been putting up better looks on similar lines.

  5. Absolutely Fab…. SHe can pull anything off …Of course with a face like that….not a difficult task… She’s really a diva.. Though I wonder how she would have braced the weather in that jacket…. But way to go Deepika!

  6. DP looks hot. Love her make-up. I’m not a fan of those shorts…tacky, thank god for the blazer. On the other hand, her legs are amazing.


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