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  1. Anu at | | Reply

    Okay, what’s up with the repeat photos? Are you guys trying to make the dress grow on us by over exposure ;-) ?
    Aint working ;-)

    That dress was bad, is bad, will always be bad! Deepika, Mugdha, no diff. Bad is bad.

  2. kavya at | | Reply

    hate the dress..but love the necklace on its own !! love to own one !!

  3. deewani at | | Reply

    the dress is bad..but I like the fusion thing… indian fashion doesn’t have to be so 50th century always..

    1. swati at | | Reply

      Slow down! We are just in the 21st century. Unless you meant 50th century BC when humans had not yet left Africa.

      1. deewani at | | Reply

        umm no I meant the necklace with the dress is ok.. I noticed the blue bangles after I commented.. which looks tacky..nehow.. I also hate the ‘saree always has to be worn with a sleeved blouse’ thing, if wearing a halter neck dress and top is fine then so is a blouse..

  4. Lolita at | | Reply

    I refuse to comment on this look because that’s how much I hate it .. but that kundan necklace is to die for! I want one soo bad (but obviously I would never ruin such a beauty with an outfit like that!)

  5. Sej at | | Reply

    Wow what a horrible dress – round II. Deepika is a quick PC in the making it seems with these disaster looks.

  6. Violet at | | Reply

    I actually feel the dress looks far better on Deeps because of the narrowness of her body. It’s sitting well on her. On Mugdha, it looks awkward. As for the jewelry, funny I didn’t notice it as much at first. Perhaps because of the attention-grabbing blue dress itself. That’s a lovely necklace.

    1. Kanira at | | Reply

      I agree…its looking slightly better on Deepika…but only SLIGHTLY!! On the whole a bad dress…love that necklace though!

  7. H at | | Reply

    I gave up on this girl long time ago; she is mostly not dresses up, & when she does, its very unappropriate. Remember her in mile sur song?

    1. I at | | Reply

      deepika would say its inappropriate…

      1. H at | | Reply

        same thing, same meaning :)

    2. Andrea at | | Reply

      She didn’t dress herself up in this shoot. Same goes for the mile sur video.

  8. Stuti at | | Reply

    Aww, the poor girl. She is gorgeous, Deepika is, but she never knows how to handle that on camera. Even in the films that I have seen of hers (one or two, I admit), she is rather conscious of her body movements. Look at how she stands, for example, so controlled. Its like she is like any of us (am horrific on camera) and that just makes me like her more! :)

    1. HHC Fan at | | Reply

      So you prefer someone who is horrific on camera to be in front of the camera and you want us to pay to buy the mags and watch her movies? Please tell me why should I do that? I don’t mean to pick on you I am just curious why people think that mediocrity should be celebrated! If Deepika was anything but an actress/cover girl then she can be as uncomfortable as she wants on camera and I may connect with her there….but as an actress/cover girl I think it is her job to do it well…to act well…to be comfortable with the camera…to wow us….that’s why we pay for those mags and movies!

      1. Stuti at | | Reply

        Wow, no. That is NOT what I meant! I meant there is something likeable about her awkwardness, makes her seem more “everyday”. And hell no, I wont pay for either the magazines or the movies.
        I think my comment’s out of context nature made it seem like I said something completely different. Apologies.

        1. HHC Fan at | | Reply

          Oh sorry! Ha ha! I guess I read too much into it!

  9. shyba at | | Reply

    Disappionted Deeps…

  10. akaa at | | Reply

    The dress is horrible!!
    Deepika always fails to impress…
    It is so unfair – God has given her everything a woman wants – killer bod, height, beautiful eyes… but i have never seen a woW moment from her… she’s always looking okay…
    she used to be a top model right ?? .. then why such a lack of presonality!! She never owns a look..

    Ok.. ready to be bashed now!!

  11. Shivangi at | | Reply

    She is excellent in creating disasters….nothing new…..we are all used to it.

  12. Flaneur at | | Reply

    eeks….those tacky blue bangles…

    yash raj/balaji aesthetics….cant believe how deepika or any reasonably intelligent woman can agree to don this look

  13. Rohini at | | Reply

    It looks like it doesn’t fit her well on the hips.

  14. oshoriri666 at | | Reply

    i love the dress on deepika compared to mugdha!!

  15. s at | | Reply

    I actually think deepika looks stunning inspite of the terrible dress.THe dress is soo awkward on mugdha and loks very tacky with the red lipstick and earrings.Deepika looks lovely because of her thiner frame

  16. swati at | | Reply

    It looks like a “lungi”… especially from the back

  17. Marika at | | Reply

    the dress actually looks better on deepika than it does on mugdha….but agree she could have done with some classier accessories…those blue bangles are just soooo tacky….

  18. Arti at | | Reply

    Oh god that dress looks like it needs to be un tucked in the middle! Not feeling that at all!!

    I thought Deepika could pull off anything, I guess I was wrong. Her face looks gorgeous as usual though :)

  19. Dips at | | Reply

    Who on earth has designed this dress? I cannnot think of anyone who could wear it well!

  20. zara at | | Reply

    To be fair to Deepika, she probably had very little input on her outfit simply because it was for a photoshoot. I actually like the necklace with the dress, but the bangles ruined the look and took it from fusion to tacky.

    Mugdha always disappoints me, and for some reason, I just can’t warm up to her looks.

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