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Mixing metallics, Deepika for her appearance at the Film Festival picked a gold-tone Alex Perry dress and silver-tone Louboutins. Oxblood lip and nails finished out her look. It would’ve worked if not for the rather heavy handed make-up which really weighed down the entire look. Bummer!

Deepika Padukone Wears Alex Perry To Mumbai Film Festival 2015-1

Deepika Padukone At Mumbai Film Festival 2014

Deepika Padukone Wears Alex Perry To Mumbai Film Festival 2015-2

Deepika Padukone At Mumbai Film Festival 2014

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. This look is a DISASTER. A pretty girl like Deepika should never be wearing such an ugly dress and overdone makeup. Not to mention, the hair color and style further diminish this look.

  2. This is such a miss from dp…the dress and the shoes are a blunder…Is it just me or someone else getting a sonam vibe from this look.. Sonam’s signature style is these dresses …

  3. Yay, for wearing an Aussie designer! As an Aussie it’s fabulous to see Bollywood embrace Aussie designers :) but year the makeup weights the dress down a bit :(

  4. I totally agree, the makeup makes the whole look seem overdone. But she is still drop dead gorgeous, I can’t see a single unflattering pic of hers here.

  5. Has Deepika changed her stylist? Some Shaleena Nathani has styled her look for the last couple of events. I liked the Anaita-Deepika team!!!

  6. If she wears one more “anything Oxblood”, I will scream…. Seriously Deepika, heard sth on the tunes of “too much of a good thing”????

  7. Okay I like the hair but I dont think it works with this look. The makeup on a whole is a mess and as much as I like the plun lip on her, after so many looks, sadly its lost all novelty. The dress itself isnt great and I dont think these kinds of dresses (the length/ shape do anything for DP). Have to agree with the other commentor, I much prefer her to be styled by Anaita. She always accentuates her gorgeous face, body in an elegant and effortless way.

  8. My opinion is at odds with most commentators here..i actually happen to like the overall look- the oxblood lips included. The heavy makeup is offset by the gold dress so it doesn’t appear jarring or anything- to my eyes at least.

  9. I am iffy on the dress, cause it fits weirdly on her lanky frame, but I adore the make up- she looks so wonderfully tanned! She’s still shooting for Imtiaz’s movie looks like!! :)

    Keep the tan flag flying high Deeps!


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