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  1. S at | | Reply

    deepika looks really nice in this de glamourised look ! The colour looks great on deepika.But don’t dig the dress as such.Looks like a rain coat or like those baby dresses

  2. San at | | Reply

    Neither of them..

  3. SeXY Devil at | | Reply

    The dress looks very STAR WARS-ish to me. That said, if I had to choose, the (probably photo shopped) cover with Priyanka looked the best.

  4. Sumi at | | Reply

    wow, I am not feeling this dress, with or without the hood..Deepika could make a burlap sack look good so I would not credit the dress

  5. kismet at | | Reply

    if I had to choose I would say priyanka’s dress is better, the long sleeves and lower waist line is nice.

    Deepika looks like she didn’t have enough time to get ready, tied her hair anyhow and grabed the pillowcase with a hole in it and turned up!! ;)
    other than that the colour does suit her, strong bright colours always suit darker skin tones.

  6. Fatima at | | Reply

    its a dress that should be kept for the ramp and editorials.

    Deepika looks like she was in a hurry and forgot to style her hair…it looks too messy for my liking

  7. malini at | | Reply

    Deepika is looking nice without the makeup.. not liking the dress much though

  8. Megha at | | Reply

    priyanka’s dress is edgy and has so much attitude

    deepika’s just falls flat

  9. fashionista at | | Reply

    she is looking nice, is she trying to do the side bun like sonam? she should wear makeup though other wise she looks kinda ordinary … but she looks better than most girls w/o makeup

  10. Surabhi at | | Reply

    deepika’s look here doesn’t work at all!!

  11. Surbhi at | | Reply

    I like PCs better.. it goes with the flow more

  12. the mad momma at | | Reply

    piggy chops’ works better.

  13. fashionista at | | Reply

    ac to my sis she looks like the before of the parachute ad, pc looks hot

  14. Indianlover at | | Reply

    Deepika = Boringggggggggg.

  15. siri at | | Reply

    Did u guys observed priyanka mostly keeps her hand on head for photoshoots. Wonder she has any dandruff problem? Pigg looks fab here…deepika is looking simple but her dress is not good for the event.

  16. hhcregular at | | Reply

    i actually like the dress and its whole boxing ring vibe!
    It has to be priyanka who wins this round. but it is not a fair comparison. lady pranks-a-lot (the artist formerly known as piggy chops) is on a magazine cover…where one has some dramatic license. Deepika is launching/fronting a watchmaker…that bland pose is mandatory.
    This is an edgy dress and Deepika needs edgier hair…not something soft or the just out of bed/bath hairdo she is sporting!

  17. Missy Mochi at | | Reply

    Priyanka is rocking the look! Whereas Deepika is doing the exact opposite. The model pulls it off better than her

  18. SHY at | | Reply

    like it best on runway.

  19. girlydiva at | | Reply

    forget the dress…ive been only lookin at deepikas watch…thats the only thing that grabs my attention here…and thats what a product should do…he he…

  20. random at | | Reply

    OMG Deepika looks soo bad! She looks tired and wasted, where’s the spark??

  21. cooks at | | Reply

    with sleeves looks best

  22. xoxo at | | Reply

    runway pic!

  23. me at | | Reply

    ET would wear this to holloween

  24. Dits at | | Reply

    Priyanka hands down!

  25. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    Its a very unflattering dress. The collar looks like a sack around the shoulders. The model got paid but why would anyone wear this willingly?

  26. pdaervo at | | Reply

    you know…I just may have to beleive all of these rumors about Ranbir trying to get Sonam’s stylist (this information is about as reliable as the Gossip rag spreading the rumor) for Deepika…
    I would HAPPILY believe it actually

  27. Shweta at | | Reply

    ummm like it MUCH better on PC..engages me more..Deepika just looks boring…she always comes off looking so prim and proper….

  28. kanti at | | Reply

    pc dude

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