1. That coat is chic but what the hell is up with her hair? She needs to stick to her extensions because her real hair look horrible tied up.

        • I do know my spelling. It was just a typo, spelling nazi. Oh yes, Deepika does look like Katharine Hepburn with sunglasses that hide half her face and with cakey makeup…ha good joke. And maybe try getting your spelling right too. Even though it is usually spelled Katherine ,the actress’s name you are referring to is spelled Katharine.

          • Yes, she does. Look up the 1955 movie SummerTime and you will know exactly what I am talking about. As for her face, she’s been tanning while shooting for Imtiaz’s movie in Europe, I think she looks brilliant.

            Thanks for the correction to my spelling, but considering that Katharine is a proper noun, there can be multiple versions of it including Catherine and Catharine as well :)

    • she has a heart-shaped face and so can (and is) pull off the hairstyle above successfully. But yes, she is giving a hawaldarni vibe and the shoulder epaulettes (in addition to the khaki coat colour) are to blame.


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