In Sabyasachi


Deepika sparkled on the green carpet in her fully embellished Sabyasachi. Anyone else, and we’d be calling them out on it but, what could easily be overwhelming on someone else works just fine on her. An updo, Amrapali earrings and oxblood lip finished out her look. She owns every bit of it and looked great!


Deepika Padukone At Magic Of The Movies, IIFA 2014


Deepika Padukone At Magic Of The Movies, IIFA 2014

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. What ?? No ! This would have been a fantastic look but that white foundation kills it for me. Wish she had opted for a tanned one.

  2. I personally would’ve preferred her make-up differently but everything else is on point, the gown looks amazing on her and absolutely love her earrings.

  3. Dear Deepika Please don’t do dark lips.They age you and make your innocent face look harsh.Stick to simple and pretty and the junta will love you even if you don’t score points with the self proclaimed IKauns.

  4. Got to love it – it is a very overwhelming outfit .. In some of the full length pics it looks “it”as well …butbthen Deepy smiles her gorgeous smile and makes it all worthwhile !!

  5. These voluminous Sabya outfits have been done to death on the red carpet, so nothing new there. And something this blingly needed light make up. Those oxblood lips are way way too harsh.

  6. That is one tricky gown. It can look OTT on red carpet. But for weddings as many have suggested, it will overshadow the bride unless you are the bride. So based on it i think only some one as stature as Deepika or Vaani can carry it on red carpet.

  7. I have to point it out the makeup team , what is up guys? first Kareena then Kalki and now Deepika why is everyone white- washed. ( a few more too)

  8. She looks great, makeup, hair is flawless.
    But she wears the same combo of dark lip and gold/glittery dress at every red carpet event.

  9. As lovely as only a DP can can look in an outfit like this, several issues jump out: white pasty make up, harsh lips and an OTT outfit that is fitting only on a bride (as many have mentioned above)


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