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      My thoughts exactly !

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    Yup she wears this well! Finally the IIFA red carpet is looking up

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    Simply stunning; her jewellery, make up and hair are impeccable! Please can I have Anaita Shroff as my stylist

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    Wow! Gorgeous…great lip color.

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    Absolutely gorgeous

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    that lip color reminded me of last IIFA. any remember which dress she wore it with?

  7. Priya at | | Reply

    Too gaudy. Suits more for wedding events.

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    What ?? No ! This would have been a fantastic look but that white foundation kills it for me. Wish she had opted for a tanned one.

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    I personally would’ve preferred her make-up differently but everything else is on point, the gown looks amazing on her and absolutely love her earrings.

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    Gorgeous !!! Can’t pick any flaw either..beauty!! ;)

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    Bollywood’s Golden Girl!

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    Dear Deepika Please don’t do dark lips.They age you and make your innocent face look harsh.Stick to simple and pretty and the junta will love you even if you don’t score points with the self proclaimed IKauns.

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    Extremely Beautiful !

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    LOVE!! A completely faultless look. Hope she keeps it up for the main event.

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    Got to love it – it is a very overwhelming outfit .. In some of the full length pics it looks “it”as well …butbthen Deepy smiles her gorgeous smile and makes it all worthwhile !!

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    That makeup is just fab !!

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    What is that last pic??
    Did she spill something on her dress or what?? :O

    1. Ashes of Roses at | | Reply

      That is someone’s shadow falling on her dress. Not a spill.

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    Did she take this out of Aishwarya’s closet? So OTT and done to death. So beautiful though.

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      Exactly my thought…Had Ms Rai worn it people would be criticizing….But Deepika manages to look stunning in this…

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    I love her but something about this look – the over embellished lehanga or the stage makeup – something is just not working

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    Anyone else had worn this on green carpet they would have been ripped apart so why not now…

    1. aarti at | | Reply

      Exactly! This is so OTT and she is so not working it. Everything is completely off.

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      So true…But there is no denying she looks divine

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    Wowza! She is killing the outfit! Absolutely divine she looks.

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    These voluminous Sabya outfits have been done to death on the red carpet, so nothing new there. And something this blingly needed light make up. Those oxblood lips are way way too harsh.

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    She looks super stunning no doubt. But looks like she’s headed to wedding…….its just too much.

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    Am I the only one who hates this outfit? Gaudy. Deepika is gorgeous though, she looks okay even in ugly things.

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    That is one tricky gown. It can look OTT on red carpet. But for weddings as many have suggested, it will overshadow the bride unless you are the bride. So based on it i think only some one as stature as Deepika or Vaani can carry it on red carpet.

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    I have to point it out the makeup team , what is up guys? first Kareena then Kalki and now Deepika why is everyone white- washed. ( a few more too)

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    I think she is drowning in that gwon :s

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    Elie Saab much?

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    She looks great, makeup, hair is flawless.
    But she wears the same combo of dark lip and gold/glittery dress at every red carpet event.

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    As lovely as only a DP can can look in an outfit like this, several issues jump out: white pasty make up, harsh lips and an OTT outfit that is fitting only on a bride (as many have mentioned above)

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    This is basically an updated Rekha-look…

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