In Sabyasachi


Wearing a gorgeous Sabyasachi, the actor attended the music launch of her upcoming movie. Letting the intricate, delicate sari be the focus, Deepika finished out the look with an updo and understated diamond studded earrings.

Though we have no complaints with her wearing flats, wish Deepika picked sandals instead of jootis for this sari. That minor gripe aside, she looked great! We like.

Deepika Padukone In Sabyasachi At ‘Happy New Year’ Music Launch-1

Deepika Padukone At Happy New Year Music Launch

Deepika Padukone In Sabyasachi At ‘Happy New Year’ Music Launch-2

Deepika Padukone At Happy New Year Music Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Though she looked lovely in net even…but m a lil confused about the pattern…what is this net pattern at the back? is this a long jacketed net blouse back?

  2. Although I am not fond of net sarees the embroidery is beautiful on this piece. The blouse, which from the back seems to be a long jacket is somewhat overwhelming. The cuff of blouse is overdone as well. But, Deepika of courselooks good….naturally.

  3. This saree costs 2,70,000!! Who is Sabyasachi designing for (ofcourse other than celebrities). I don’t understand who can buy these sarees. This is after he said in 2013 that he wants to design a budget line for the masses. Are the Indian masses really shelling off 2.7Lacs on one saree?

    • I agree with you. Sabyasachi is not the only Indian designer whose designs are only for the celebrities or super rich multimillionairs. I can buy an Armani a Gucci etc etc but not a Sabyasachi or any other Indian designer! and I find it very strange!

    • +100. Thats why there are inspired versions of just as quality for a fraction of the cost. Even sellers on FB are doing them now ;-)
      Although i hope that a huge chunk of the sales of the high-end designer items goes to the artisans and tailors actually making them.

      • really! wow..may be the cost of all the free lehengas he has been giving to brides is included in the sarees..!!
        Last year when I visited his store price of a saree was 80K- 1Lacs…that was way over my budget. I cant afford this saree (I do earn a more than average salary in $$).

    • Completely agree!!
      Other high end designers like ManishMalhotra, Tarun Tahiliani etc.. don’t market themselves as clothes for average Indian population. They are not showcased on shows like BBB unlike Sabyasachi.

      I never had a longing for a luxury brand because I know I cannot afford them, but sabyasachi seems to be worn by many people and then I see the price tag…Sticker Shock!!

      In sabya’s own words:
      “Fashion creates a lot of unhappiness by being unavailable or highly unattainable and the myths created around the brand. We don’t subscribe to any of that. We invite people from all walks of life to buy from us”

  4. I’m probably the odd one out. Deepika looks nice but the saree overall seems overwhelmingly and claustrophobic. But Deepika and Sabya have done better.

  5. The blouse looks like it is covered with glittery sand. Not to speak of a very odd cuff. The sari colour is so washed out.

    Maybe it is the camera but the look is very drab. Sabya’s designs are very tired. He has been milking “Indian” for a long time.

  6. Like her neck up – makeup, hairstyle, the healthy glow in her face and also her athletic figure.
    The saree has too much going and colors r boring.

  7. Though the design on the blouse looks like a fungal outgrowth, I think a bosom covering blouse like this works better with net sarees than the tiny singlety blouse that Sridevi wore. Deepika looks nice (it difficult to look bad with that face), but the saree is meh. Sri’s saree was better

  8. Deepika’s makeup photographs beautifully. I’d really like to see something similar (in terms of makeup) on Sonam – dewy, natural and light.

  9. Very drab look. The sari and the drape would have looked better on someone 35+. Deepika and Sonam needs to stop dressing like aging socialites and dress their age.

  10. Can someone please answer- Do these celebrities buy these clothes, or just borrow from the designer for the event? I can understand that the famous stars like deepika, priyanka could borrow from the designers, but what about the lesser known actors, who dont even have much work on their plate, but still need to make red carpet appearances? I wonder how they afford everything designer – from head to toe.


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