More Of The Same


This had to happen. It’s something we’ve noticed with Ms. Padukone. When the lady likes something, she tends to wear it all the time. The bangles, the hair and the ripped denims look are just proof of what we mean.

You might say she is ‘in character’ but if she is supposed to be, we’d rather see her in more of those flowy kurtas and leggings that she sports in the movie.

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Deepika Padukone at ‘Love Aaj Kal’ Promotional Event


Left: At Vogue India July Issue Launch in Mumbai
Below: At ‘Love Aaj Kal’ Press Meet in Delhi

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. hahahaha aiyee deepika.. those jeans are horrid.. not liking the green tee with blue jeans.. and htose shoes.. uff…….well it was good while it lasted.. a day.. :)

  2. Oh man! She really loves tank tops (lol I can understand, me loves them too ^_^). But doesn’t she get bored, she can never really look bad (natural beauty), but she really needs help in the style department. Also, don’t like that particular shade of green (ripped denims I am fine with). Plus, those shoes with that attire and the random bangles (I love them but they don’t gel with the rest of her sporty look)- a total mismatch!

  3. Baby steps. She is back to her bad styling. The entire outfit is wrong – green t-shirt with her bones poking out, ripped too short jeans, flats that are too formal, bangles, etc.

    She looks cute from the neck up.

  4. Hah. Wait until you see what she’s wearing in her 10 Ka Dum episode. The same bangles (as shown above) in exactly the same order. The jumpsuit-esque dress she wore to that isn’t terribly flattering either.

    Anyhow, I don’t think she’s pulling off the ripped jeans look with panache. It falls flat. The bag looks odd with the whole ensemble.

  5. First off…the tanks look extra casual…not something to wear at promo events..also, though I’m a big fan of the natural look, I think her make up is too dull here..

  6. Ok 2 things ..
    1.Totally agree with the tank top sale comment
    2. Once the movie prmotions and premiers are over, doesn’t mean you have to get back to this look… please hire that stylist permanently.. we loved you that way..
    I don’t understand.. why would someone who can look so stunning not wnat to look like that everytime>??

  7. Why do Indian Actresses do this to themselves, it hurts. Such a pretty body and sweet face.

    Doesn’t she have a mirror or friends to tell her???

  8. The way Deepika marketed herself + her branding was with an elegance I thought ( especially if we looked her covers on magazines as well as well headed interviews in video), and I thought she has chosen a very smart route unlike a Mallika shrewat who talks like nonsense, cheap talk and wears cheap stuff too. It seems to me now that she is also like a bunch of india movie stars who go by wearing something that is out of ordinary to grab attention. Jeans of this sort are really not for “elegance”. I agree her age is appropriate to wear stuff like but like I said before, doesn’t go with what she can brand herself into in the eyes of mass public. she should learn from some hollywood panache carrying ladies.

  9. I don’t care if the bag is a Versace, Deepika looks like she’s a college student on her way to her next class, not an actress promoting a movie. Totally not event appropriate. Then again, is she ever?

  10. Deepika…. so all that freshness and smiles were part of promotion too… given her tannish complexion what about a diferent lipstick shade. She is very stiff and she can’t hide it.

  11. I guess I must be weird, because I actually like the green and blue tank top outfits. She looks cute and it suits her body. And I think it’s fine if celebs repeat the same thing more than once. But i don’t think she should wear this outfit on a promotional event; it’s a little too casual.


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