1. o wow..how does she manage to look gorgeous in such plain outfits too…Love everything about her look.
    I want those nude shoes,handbag .This kind of tank top never suits my body…but i ll still get one

    • i agree in that its the simplest of clothes and the most gorgeous face. I prefer her in these than her killing pretty Indian outfits with itsy bitsy blouses and half boob shows.

      • Haha true, I think she looks simple but hott! I love the nude shoes and the tote… aaah I want to go out and buy this whole outfit!!!

  2. oooohhh those never ending long legs r to die for…deepika always looks fab in tank tops..she has really sculpted shoulders n collar bones.

  3. Her bone structure is to die for. Such a beautiful woman. She looks so stylish in the most ordinary outfit. Sigh…..

  4. i feel bad for stars…they get no free time to just chill and wear something dowdy…post-shoot, before shoot, private screening etc etc…cameras are everywhere!!

    she does look good though lol

  5. Not much of a fan but she is looking really good here!Luv the makeup and hair too. Thank God no maroon/brown lipstick!


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