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    WOW!!! she looks fierce, edgy and right on the money!

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    FEROSH! werkkkkkkkkk!

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    dude whats so great about this cover ? she’s defntly the most over rated fashions wise and looks wise as well.
    not diggin’ this look at all

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        Totally agree with you!

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        not as overrated as Sonam atleast?? :P
        Nevertheless, DP looks super hawt!

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          Oh I find Sonam as over-rated as Deepika!

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    I do not care for this cover. much prefer the F&S on the right, the blue jacket softens the look.

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    LOVE it! It’s my favourite cover this month.

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    love it! the make-up, the hair, the outfit and the fierce .. hawwt

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    Are you guys getting paid to say this? For the life of me I can’t see what’s so gushworthy about this cover!

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    love her jawline & bone structure..she is so gifted……..she can look good in a rag!!! She looks hawwt here

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    deepika is soo frickin overrated!!!!

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    Love the androgynous look. High time India moved out of dressing their stars like prom queens.

    On a side note- would be great if you’d change the “high heel confidential” font over the pics- too jarring.

    Keep up the good work xx

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    sorry but ‘pull you hair out’ for deepika being on magazine covers!!!??? she is on like half the amount sonam is on!!!!

    anyway..back to the cover….loved it!! shows a completely different side of deepika which is very refreshing from the from the usual candy floss..

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    she is one HELL of a model!!

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    Her hands look too long and badly photoshopped!

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    Anyone else getting a Rihanna vibe??

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      EXACTLY my thoughts! It’s soo Rihanna!

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    Well I am all for the look :)… but seriously, did they need to photoshop her arms so much that it makes her look like Mister Fantastic (the stretchy one) from fantastic four…

    I hate how too much retouching ruins it

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      haha, so true.. Those arms look toooo long.

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    She looks so different from what she looked before and I like it

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    This cover is amazing!! Makes me wonder how far Deepika would have gone as a model had she not had an acting career :)

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      I agree I almost wish she had just stuck to fashion I really think she would have worked internationally as a model

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    Love d cover oh so edgy kudos to Elle.

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    i had to pick my jaw off the floor. wow. perfect 10.

    pity about the photoshop though.

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    Love the androgyny..Deepika really pulls it off! LOVE that top..is the ‘waistcoat’ embellishment a part of it or a separate piece?

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    really not a bad cover, but i can’t help but notice she’s sucking in her cheeks. but still this is good.

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    Fierce!! DP pulled it off really well

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    wow, crazy fierce!!! Dee i put my mony on YOU! :)

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