In Topshop


For the Delhi leg of YJHD promotions, it was Topshop for Ms. Padukone who beat the smoldering heat in a white crochet top and printed wide-legged pants. Stacked bracelets on one hand and thong sandals, both which are becoming her signature style finished out the look.

She looked cute.


Left: Deepika Padukone at Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Delhi Promotions
Top Right: Topshop Crochet cami
Bottom Right: Topshop Easter Print Trousers

Photo Credit: Twitter


    • Try and live in Delhi..Who knows even you may turn in a hobo?
      I live in Delhi and trust me it’s BOILING in here.
      Sometimes you need to give comfort more importance than fashion and this is one of those times..And I think she looks lovely here :)

      • It is so hard being surrounded by air con all the time! Do you seriously think she’s running around on the metro? Her face looks great, but a little more effort on the clothing front wouldn’t kill her. If she wants to give comfort more importance, maybe she should be lounging at home, in these pajamas.

      • Nothing wrong with that, unless you’re a film star and the producers need you to make a good impression at press meets, instead of looking like you don’t give a damn.

        • hey that’s neat, comfy summer wear. a hobo also needs to look dirty, which she ain’t. she looks cute.

  1. I have LOVED her casual style as of late but this looks like something she threw on to get ready to go to bed. A flowy skirt would have been a better option.

  2. Looks like she just rolled out of bed in pajamas on a good hair day. Seriously, I wonder what motivates people to spend boatload (ok, I exaggerate a bit) of money on what could be picked up on the street for far less. My frugal self cannot comprehend. Not being critical, I swear.

  3. She is looking beautiful in the second pic…although the tank is looking weird in first pic..:| she managed to look good as usual

  4. Considering she was in Delhi and the weather here is horrible,I’ll give Deepika brownie points for being so Chic and yet comfortable :)
    What a great idea on how to dress fashionably and yet be comfortable :)

  5. Would have liked to see a more looser top that is tucked into her trousers! That would have really done the look some favors. And I’ve had enough of thong sandals!

  6. Those Sandals need to GO! So Boring and Ordinary! Can she not wear some nice looking shoes, even flats if she wants to, For instance, Sonam. She always wear gorg flats! These thong sandals are downright drab! In Bangalore, girls wear it for grocery shopping all the time huh!

  7. no doubt she looks pretty , but i think she could have put more effort this time…too casual i think..i know its hot but she is not out there in the sun!

  8. she has been dressy everywhere for so long, so this look kind of does it for me. Just different and comfy from the all glam stakes.


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