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    She looks exquisite

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    I am not sure about the bottom part ..

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    She is looking awesome in all the Piku promotions. Change of d stylist is all she needed. She looks phenomenal.

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    Perfection. So demure and beautiful

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    Lovely with capital L !

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    Pretty Pretty Pretty!!!

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    wow gorgeous..

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    Absolutely perfect! She is so beautiful! *LOVE*

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    Wow. She looks so pretty. Love the sari, make up, those earrings. Love this look !!

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    My jaw just dropped and it seems like I can’t find it :P because I’m lost in her beauty!

    My my, could anybody else have looked so drop dead gorgeous!!?? I simply don’t have the words to describe that face and this look… Whatever I’ll say will be an understatement. This is like “apsara” personified !

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    stunning! great make up!

  13. Hasina at | | Reply

    she is using the stylist that is part of Anaita’s company.

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    Neck up lovely. Neck-down this is pretty ghastly. Vintagey in a non-sophisticated way.

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    How beautiful Deepika looks!! Sigh! I simply love the look. Perfect!!

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    That sari is gorgeouss but I dont like this neck up. I am not sure if it’s the hair or the makeup.

  18. Latika at | | Reply

    Slay, mama, slay!!

    We are not worthy. *bows*

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    OMG!! i want that saree!!
    she looks beautiful amazing hat’s off

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