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  1. Neha at | | Reply

    Love it! except the shoes

  2. dn at | | Reply

    But for the pointy bust area in this photo, it looks great on her. She has the body to carry off such a dress, off the runway.

    1. monika at | | Reply

      Yes, the bust ares is runinig it for me.

  3. Swapna at | | Reply

    thank God , she dint over-accessorise it. As always her eyes are lovely.

    1. Swapna at | | Reply

      dreamy eyes.

  4. charan at | | Reply

    The dress is very edgy but i think she should have has a dramatic makeup. The dress is rather plain, and some smokey, stand out eye makeup would have helped great.
    Now with the nude makeup it doesnt look complete. There is no “focus” point on this whole look, neither her face, not the dress.

  5. lg at | | Reply

    Wow!!! I luuuuurveeeeeeee her here!!!:) so happy to see her after suchhhh a long time!! Deepika Rocks!

  6. Anita at | | Reply

    I actually like her in this dress. She looks young and western clothes really work well on her athletic and toned body.

  7. MANGOgrl at | | Reply

    Ha ha that bra looks like some actresses like saira banu in 70s using it.. Dress is nice, love the color… OR are they two cornettos inside?

    1. Swapna at | | Reply

      the cornetto reference was spot-on.

  8. kaya at | | Reply

    I didn’t get it; which dress did Katrina wear from Deepika’s Verve shoot??

    1. kaya at | | Reply

      Perhaps I should have looked at the post below first! lol

  9. kg at | | Reply

    deepika looks great. she totally has the body to carry off this dress.

  10. Antonia at | | Reply

    This dress is perfect for her!!
    This look & her look at ‘Love Aaj Kal’ Premiere in Gurgaon (Just Cavalli dress) are my faves ^_^
    I wish she would dress chic & sexy more often rather than cutesy.

  11. pdaervo at | | Reply

    Really P&p? I think she looks AMAZING! This is possibly one of her best looks, she looks HOT. I hate when people wear sexy dresses and have “sexy expressions on” which she totally does not.

    1. diptiN at | | Reply

      I completely agree, she could have gone terrible wrong with this dress. The fact that she has kept things to a minimum helps, although I would have preferred a tad more make up and may be better pulled up hair. She rocks on the cover of Verve, love the hair piece. love the make up and dark nail polish.

  12. Sej at | | Reply

    I am in the minority here but I like it on the ramp a lot more. DP just doesn’t have that oomph factor to carry it off even if she has the body. Others like Lara, Sush and Shilpa display that confidence and it carries them really well. Here it falls plain flat except in the shoot photo.

    1. Maze at | | Reply

      I agree with you, Sej. She has the figure, but lacks the fierce. In the photo, she looks OK.

  13. Amber at | | Reply

    is she not wearing a bra :S

  14. divi at | | Reply

    Looks much better on the model. This is an edgy outfit and deepika should have kept it that way rather than formalizing it with her shoes and hair. Love the shoes and hair on the model.

  15. s at | | Reply

    This girl is pretty period. i like the color but the dress works better on the ramp because of the fit, needs a little more looser fit unlike in deepika’s case where it is all stretched out.

    but it is elegant dress. Thanks P & P.

    99% of the cases, dresses work on Ramp better than real life.

  16. Anu at | | Reply

    gorgeous…what a body…I’m so envious…

  17. belle desse at | | Reply

    PnP this is NOT the dress she wore in the shoot. I have the magazine, it says the grey dress was a gaurav gupta jersey dress.

    The cutouts on the dress were a disaster waiting to happen but Deepika elevates it to a whole new level of class.

    What can I say? She’s gorgeous, statesque and has teyes I wouuld kill. *Dies in envy*

    1. Payal(HHC) at | | Reply

      Gotcha. Will update.

      1. belle desse at | | Reply

        *has eyes I would kill for, sory massive typo

  18. JP at | | Reply

    she looks gorgeous…her face looks beautiful…and the dress is so edgy…she totally pulls it off….

  19. Megha at | | Reply

    definitely one of the best she has ever looked
    she pulls it off 100%
    she looks so tall and statuesque

  20. Kay at | | Reply

    @MANGOgrl @swapna

    Apparently, the cornetto or pointy style bras, a la Marilyn Monroe, are coming back into style. Remember it being showcased on one of the international fashion sites. As are high waisters- trousers/skirts, so a lot of the lingerie is also following the trend

    1. Swapna at | | Reply

      @Kay ..i agree that high waist trousers and skirts are back ….but pointy bras …..am in doubt whether they are back??
      ..I am not mistaken Madonna’s cone-bra was for a single concert ….

      1. Swapna at | | Reply

        *If I am not

  21. KK at | | Reply

    I like this look. I’m glad she took a risk – she’s young and has got the body and she look absolutely gorgeous!!!

  22. Hana at | | Reply

    I’m in minority too. This is an eewww for me. I agree with Charan there isn’t any focus point. & the edgy bra part is…. Its better on runway.

  23. sunita at | | Reply

    I just think she should have gone backless with the dress-would have suited the look much better

  24. MoJi at | | Reply

    FAB…she looks stunning and gorgeous….love the color and make up nd her lovely smile….would kill for that height….

  25. Mikaela at | | Reply

    classy combo of silver & grey, and Dee works it fabulously. Chic gal this one, and soo beautifulllll!!

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