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  1. Abs at | | Reply

    That face though. So beautiful

  2. Violet at | | Reply

    I quite like this one. She looks pretty and delicate. Wish you had full-length side pics because the Zanotti ankle-strap sandals looked very stylish.

  3. arpy at | | Reply

    Deepika’s new outfits are way above my understanding of fashion :'( i am probably stuck in another era ,sob sob

    1. Alisha at | | Reply

      You can hire Shaleena Nathani :-P :-P

    2. Hansini at | | Reply

      Yea me too.. I really don’t get these clothes. What is fashionable about looking slopppy and shapeless?

  4. Paroma at | | Reply

    I like this one too – casual and extremely wearable.

  5. Asha at | | Reply

    I think she’s just effing with us. She’s probably saving up the really good outfit for the movie premiere (I hope!)

    1. Avani at | | Reply


  6. Kd at | | Reply

    Me thinks either she has hired sonam’s stylist or her stylist is having her dress as a grandma as well

  7. Neharika at | | Reply

    i want to like this but I wish it was more fitted around the waist.

  8. aaliyah at | | Reply

    this one looks really good. her indian outfits are always on point but her western clothes really disappointed me during this promotion. But this Fendi outfit was a good choice. color looks good on her!

  9. Sup at | | Reply

    She looks every bit the movie star she is.. especially the third pic.
    Have to mention her hair, so refreshing after the weird over-gelled unnecessary ‘severe’ looks.

  10. jadine at | | Reply

    Deepika, you don’t have to be fashion-forward in every look! Give us some color and verve, a bold lip and deep jewel tones, ruby, emerald, navy, what have you. We know only you can look good in these boxy space age outfits, but take a break and be glamorous with a capital G. :)

  11. priti at | | Reply

    Perfect for Delhi weather

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