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  1. suhani at | | Reply

    Elegance !

  2. Sandy at | | Reply

    She looks stunning !

  3. Violet at | | Reply

    Stunning!! Love the addition of the neckpiece. Would loved to have seen some edgy footwear though

  4. Lemon at | | Reply

    She does look well put together, if a little boring. However with the oppressive heat in Mumbai and Delhi, I just don’t know why anyone would wear a coat.

  5. rashmi at | | Reply

    gorgeous !

  6. Richa at | | Reply

    Love the way she carries herself

  7. Sukriti at | | Reply

    It’s May for god’s sake! Why is she wearing a coat?! Might look good with the dress, but how about dressing in accordance to the weather!

  8. Neha Verma at | | Reply


  9. Avani at | | Reply

    Elegant and classy.

  10. Tina at | | Reply

    Wow, for airport also they have to think so much what to wear. This dressing up thing must be exhausting for celebrities. Anyway, she is looking good; but as all are saying, it’s May. I can’t even think of wearing black, let alone wearing a black coat on it.

  11. jadine at | | Reply

    Smokin’! She looks every inch a movie star.

    Actually, this coat can never be worn in Mumbai at any time of the year, and Deepika must be in air conditioned comfort 24/7. So I guess this season is as good as any.

  12. Farrah at | | Reply

    DROP. DEAD. ELEGANT! I LOVE this look. So simple, yet striking. And those barely there Louboutins make it all the more better.

  13. Alisha at | | Reply

    Gorgeous and elegant!

  14. farah at | | Reply

    Love this look with Hair tied up she looks amazing :) Keep it going Deeps :)

  15. Alina at | | Reply

    Deepika Padukone is always stunning! It’s not a surprise!

  16. Tania at | | Reply

    Elegant look but I’m surprised no one mentioned how odd her legs look. They look totally discoloured. She should’ve put on the foundation more evenly to make them look less bizarre

    1. Violet at | | Reply

      It’s the shadow of the coat. I don’t think people apply foundation to legs!

  17. Ishik at | | Reply

    Could you guys please ID her coat? Love it!

    1. Fashionizta at | | Reply

      Coat looks like the new collection from Alexander McQueen I maybe wrong but it’s the striking shawl collar that made me say so

  18. Debashree Hazarika at | | Reply

    Oooo, loving this!!!

  19. Melange at | | Reply

    In my eyes, she can do no wrong! Love.

  20. vandana at | | Reply

    Wow….gorgeous n elegant but dress is too much inappropriate to the weather of Delhi or Mumbai

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