1. She looks so good! I was bored of seeing her in the long, straight hair+same makeup look. Now only if Priyanka would take inspiration!

  2. i never really used to like deepika, but she looks absolutely STUNNING in these pictures. love the dresses.. im sure they help!
    she does look like a super model in them! its awesome that her eyes show different emotions in all these pics..

  3. She should experiment with her expressions…always come off very cold and wooden…
    Then she would defnt sizzle in all these couture gowns!!

  4. love the clothes, but I think the makeup is WAY WAY overdone
    her face looks a bit gaudy
    when wearing statement clothes-llet the clothes make a statement
    and the backgrounds TOTALLY take away from the pretty clothes (and face) – it looks like the background from that Mit Jaye song form Kidnap


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