Deepika In Harpers Bazaar India


The second edition of Harpers Bazaar will hit the stands soon and gracing the cover this time will be Deepika Padukone. Shot by Atul Kasbekar, Deepika wears a yellow Just Cavalli dress and a pink Louis Vuitton jumpsuit amongst other outfits.

What do you think of the shoot?


Louis Vuitton, Resort 2009


Just Cavalli, Spring 2009


Deepika Padukone in Harpers Bazaar India



Valentino, Spring 2009


Raakesh Agarvwal, Spring 2009

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  1. I like her in the Just Cavalli yellow dress. The short hair and the beautiful sunset- just beautiful. I like the neckpiece in the last shot.

  2. i like her in the close up thanks to her stunning face but thats about it

    crazy barbaric photoshoppin in the cavalli dress. her legs look like that of a maneequin.. excuse me but where are her knees?

  3. she looks absolutely ethereal in the close ups. The first 2 pictures however leave a lot to be desired. But my god! she looks gorgeous in the last 2…

  4. Very nice – especially the second picture and the last close up. The Just Cavalli looks so much better on Deepika than the model. She looks very beautiful in the last picture.

  5. I would have liked it but I happened to see the photoshoot of Chitrangada Singh before that and I feel she fares better than Deepika…hey pnp ,please post those pics.

  6. her and sonam kapoor look alike in photo shoots and i agree with preeths.. looks weird that she doesnt have any knees in the cavalli dress.. very nice dress though!

  7. Fair photoshoot except that like preeths I do find the photoshop badly done on the Just Cavalli pic. The legs & knees are like plastic dolls :(

  8. DITTO @ preeths!!! WHERE ARE HER KNEES?

    I do like this shoot though, it makes me want summer weather more. She looks refreshed and natural (well almost).

  9. yes crazy photoshopping in the shoot with yellow cavalli dress…deepika is not that skinny from front..she has a broad almost straight figure( i`m not saying she is fat, obviously she is not!)… and exactly why would they photoshop knees!

  10. I’m loving the sunset photography theme….simple and elegant, dont have anything to complain about except the photoshopping in the second picture. I’m not understandinf the styling…its very not necklaces+antique pieces?

  11. okay the outfits are nice but why is her posture so stiff.. there is no oomph.. pretty she is but thats about it.. no oomph , very very photoshopped

  12. BEautiful SHoot….Kudos to the photographer! Harpers bazaar always has the most wonderful pictures. I mean just check out Kareena and Saif’s pictures from the first ever Harpers BAzaar India. Deepika looks stunning and fierce! THe background is killer and Deepika def. adds to the beauty.

  13. she has been photoshopped to death in the cavalli dress! i don’t think there’s an inch they have left untouched.. but she’s very pretty anyway.. don’t think she needs photoshop. the styling is quite good.. but am a bit bored of the mannequin look now.. guys quit using photoshop PLEASE.

  14. the yelllow dress is gorgeous and so is deepika. But whats up with the extreme photoshopping? She looks like a Barbie with no knees

  15. does she or does she not look A LITTLE like Esha Deol
    Deepika is so beautiful though, it’s hard to make her look bad (though it has happened)
    I like, but the photoshop is horrible as ususal

  16. A surprisingly dull photoshoot from Atul Kasbekar. Deepika looks gorgeous in the last photo though. The rest are just plain and the photoshopping looks amateurish.

  17. She looks stunning especially in the last two pics…but somehow her eyebrows look different?!!
    I’m so happy she is BACK!

  18. i remember deepika padukone being dusky but she looks so light skinned…..totally photoshopped, but the cavalli dress is super! n the accessories with it are fabulous!!

  19. I hate the photoshop. She is naturally pretty but the close up doesn’t look very natural at all so it just takes away from her beauty. Are her eyes not naturally dark brown?

  20. Well, the ridiculous photoshopping is not her fault. I think Deepika is absolutely radiant in these shots…and needless to say, that just Cavalli dress is a show stopper!

  21. LOL @ Preeths!
    she looks really pretty in all these photos..but after noticing the amount of photoshopping done to these pics.. it diminishes the effect :(
    her face looks beautiful none the less. and i lovee her in the cavalli!

  22. the shoot is beautiful….i want to sumwhere sunny now…but she looks nice….but i always find her personality dsnt cum across in the photos

  23. Agree with fashionista. Everything about this photoshoot is plain NICE. Its lacking something tht lil ‘omph’ Plus the PS is so done in bad taste. Deepika should have said something about it, its nt like you don’t have ur say before the pics get released!

  24. She is so beautiful!!! I’m jealous :(
    She really won the genetic lottery. These pictures might be photoshopped but I don’t think her face even needs it.
    Also LOVE that collar necklace so much.

  25. The last pic is GORGEOUS…her eyes look beautiful and love the statement necklace as well. I agree with others that the legs are badly photoshopped. (I think Harpers need to hire someone else for the job…remember Kareena’s shoot? lol)

  26. I think these photos are highly photoshopped…but in a very tasteful manner. I really like the styling and the dresses and deepika as model here.

  27. The disease called photshop claimed her knees in the yellow dress! Love the gold necklace in the last picture.

    Not digging the shoot too much and mostly because of deepika. She has the perfect face and body in theory, but her shoots lack zing.

  28. she looks great but why have they photoshopped her knees away in the yellow dress?????? it’s not anatomically correct.

  29. Love this photoshoot…she looks so serene and peaceful…I would be too if I were on the beach!

    The yellow dress is sooo sexy, but like someone said above, her knees look weird after being photoshopped.

    The two close up pics are the best, she has smoldering eyes

  30. wow! love it every bit…she looks devine! super hot!…esp the last two pics look so beautiful! though I feel they could’ve done some thing more with the first pic!…nevermind…she looks fantastic beyond words!

  31. Sonam on latest Bazaar is sooo much better than Deepika. That girl knows how to pose. Deepika is dead in these shoots…


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