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  1. PC at | | Reply

    The dress is so hideous it looks like she is wearing an apron over a lace dress. It also reminds me of a old tablecloth not working for me at all

    1. Mm at | | Reply

      I second that! Reminds me of an old dusty drape or tablecloth.

    2. shradha at | | Reply

      +1 first thing that came to my mind was ‘tablecloth converted into a dress’

  2. sree at | | Reply

    I dislike this dress! It does no justice to Deepika’s beauty, very lackluster. Honestly, so far I’ve only really liked one of Anaita’s picks (Alice + Olivia) and the Ridhi Mehra one was okayy but this and the Atsu one have been the worst so far.

  3. slc at | | Reply

    This dress would probably look good on Kangana but definitely not Deepika. I do like Deepika’s make-up though.

    1. Fi at | | Reply

      I agree with you and that’s the first thought that came in my head – this dress would look better on Kangana…But nevertheless Deepi looks nice MINUS THE SHOES!!

  4. apeksha at | | Reply

    hahahah… she looks like Lalitha Pawar in the second pic.. whats wrong with her eyes

  5. silly-lilly at | | Reply

    I agree with the comments on the dress being boring/resembling a table-cloth. But those shoes definitely works well with this dress.

  6. Srividdhya at | | Reply

    She looks super dull :( And what’s wrong with her eyes???

  7. meena at | | Reply

    her posture is terrible in some pics. Looks like a hunched over man.

  8. Tania at | | Reply

    Looks weird. That dress gives her a slouchy posture

  9. lush.green.pastures at | | Reply

    I just don’t get her staid buff-coloured platform pump fixation. With (arguably) the best legs in the biz, she can surely afford to be a tad more adventurous. The world’s her footwear oyster with stems like those! As for the dress, its structure is better suited to someone with a smaller waist-hip ratio; even on someone with as lissome as DP, it makes her appear rather dumpy. The print/lace combo is as if D&G have created a line specially with grannies in mind.

  10. pinkbucket at | | Reply

    Is anyone else terrified lookin at the feet. Scary feet!

  11. Fergie at | | Reply

    The shoes go fine with this dress which is the one you should have called out. It’s a true crime against fashion,

  12. Ishita at | | Reply

    Never knew that I could disagree with the commenters so much, but I adore this dress on Deepika, minus the ill fit off the sleeves. Is it supposed to be poufy or fitted?

    Anywho, Priyanka I agree with you in re to the shoes. I think the color of the shoes are perfect, but just don’t like how they are satin (I think?) and peep toe. The satin really doesn’t vibe with the lace. She should have opted for a pair of nude Loubs (possibly Clichy?).

  13. umarana at | | Reply

    you stole my Grand Aunt’s upholstery!

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