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  1. Ss at | | Reply

    What is this? A blouse and a petticoat?
    Neck up though, she looks pretty. This softer look suits her much better than the fierce vibe she had been going for lately.

  2. Manali at | | Reply

    I think she looks GORGEOUS!! i love the hair n the earrings…and also like the dress on her!

    1. Aaadee at | | Reply

      Ditto, I love the look, top to bottom !

  3. slc at | | Reply

    Not feeling it. But the hair and make-up is nice.

  4. Jyoti at | | Reply

    Terrible. Is she getting paid to actually make an effort to not outdo Sonakshi. If so, she is doing a great job.

  5. Shivani Raina at | | Reply

    What is wrong with this woman! Ahh, such body and face, still she manages to look bad at times!

  6. Neha at | | Reply

    Didn’t mind the skirt at all. I think she looks really good.

  7. akaa at | | Reply

    She is able to barely pull this off .. and just because she is Deepika!!
    Her stylist needs to be pulled up for doing this to her in her moment of glory … I am sure she is going to win a lot of awards this season .. these looks are not making the cut… 1st the McQueen .. now this.. this is the time when she needs to hit it out of the ballpark with each and every one of her outfits ..

  8. sree at | | Reply

    GAHH Deepika why?! Pleasee wear something chic and sexy, your outfits recently have been killing us (not in a good way)

  9. Tania at | | Reply

    This looks tacky and those earrings don’t go with the dress.

  10. sukh at | | Reply

    I actually really like this….it’s in the ‘good bad taste’ category. Like Deepika ‘s so statesque all the time, she looks her age and chilled out in this. It’s a fun dress.

  11. ann at | | Reply

    I really like her look, its different

  12. thatgirlinpink at | | Reply

    LOVE it!! From head to toe!

  13. Shivani Raina at | | Reply

    what was my favorite actress thinking :(

  14. $ at | | Reply

    Dear Deepika,
    i totally love your past looks but now things are changing a bit…when you know you are going to win the awards and have to walk up to the stage to recieve reward for your hardwork…some sexy flattering gown would be a better option..(thats easy for you.. courtesy your Bod :P) though i dont mind this look too but hair…Grrrr !!!

  15. aradhna at | | Reply


  16. Bhakti Irani at | | Reply

    Not working..

  17. NP at | | Reply

    She looks cute but that dress is not for the red carpet…

  18. Amodini at | | Reply

    What is this? Mummy’s old sari strung out over a string? How can a woman this gorgeous dress this badly?

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