In Naeem Khan


Wearing a Naeem Khan Fall 2013 gown, Deepika attended the music launch of ‘Chennai Express’. The black gown featuring a sheer embellished bodice was finished out with a soft updo and simple drop earrings. She looked great!

Wish the gown was lined all over though since that bit of sheer midriff just looks odd and brings down the look a notch.


Left: Naeem Khan, Fall 2013
Right: Deepika Padukone At Chennai Express Music Launch


Deepika Padukone At Chennai Express Music Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. After looking at so many posts and so many new faces,I almost think most actresses look right out of an assembly line where they are almost size zero, wear similar attires. But she is so distinct, she makes every outfit work. I did not like her at the beginning but her beauty and confidence grows on you. I look most forward to her pics.

  2. Every single look… So well put together …Have to credit the stylist no doubt. But the ease and elegance with which she carries herself just elevates the look . She nails it every single time.. She can do no wrong in my book. I have a Major girl crush!! This woman looks like a dream.

    • n i saw on other sites dat she’s wearing d same black heels wich she wore on amitabh b’s bdaybash
      atleast she is experimenting….
      p & p stop criticizing her

  3. W.O.W !!! W.O.W !!! love the look…dis gal rocks….!!!! though a bit bigger earings would have also looked good…but this look as a whole is just WOW

  4. she looks stunning chic and elegant every single time and without screaming from rooftops that she is a fashionista… love this woman

  5. that dress does not look like its a designer at all. Its only DP’s charm that makes the look worth. On anyone else, it would look just plain bad.

  6. I like it much better on the model. The embellished bodice and flowy look of the dress might look better on someone more narrow shouldered and petite. DP seems to adopt a uni-look approach to media appearances. For Chennai Express, it has been maxis all along, for YJHD it was casual mini dresses, and for Lafangey Parindey(many years ago), she appeared in salwars. Not nitpicking here, but she wears poofy ponytails at every other appearance but nobody complains that it’s repetitive. Much as I acknowledge Deepika’s physical attractiveness, I also fail to understand the extreme raving in this blog on her posts. It’s as if nobody can come close to her “perfection”. There are so many other attractive actresses with well-toned bodies too, it’s not like Deepika is 5’9″ and has the best abs and best dressing sense, so others are nothing in front of her. Just saying.

    • Go take a look at all her recent appearances on this blog. I don’t think the fawning and adoration is misplaced. She seriously looks more comfortable in her skin that anyone else. She beats them all hollow. Everyone else has off days, she simply doesn’t.

    • I think Deepika has the best body in the business..All you need to do is GOOGLE..The dress falls flat on the model but Deepika’s body and attitude makes the dress leave an impact :)

    • i’d attribute your observation about a common style of outfits before these 3 movies to her trying to be ‘in character’ yet not going all out like many others do.

    • I don’t get it. You have a problem with people (majority too at that) PRAISING someone and writing positive comments (very well deserved ones). I understand if someone complains about others being bitter and attacking someone on the blog here but because we are praising Deepika, you have problem? Lol.

  7. The dress is average but this woman is something she makes this look great. Unbelievable charm this girl posses and the way she carries her clothes so gracefully is commendable


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