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  1. NMV at | | Reply

    Hallelujah! A break from the rigmarole “designer” short dresses and sari’s!!! Though its a little sombre.. but it suits the occasion IMHO

  2. Hema at | | Reply

    She is looking so beautiful and love her dress.

  3. dn at | | Reply

    Oooh, stunning!! With her height, she looks great, and very apt for the occasion. The sitting posture is princess-like. The make-up is simple, yet so lovely. I wish more actresses dressed like this, rather than wear cakes of make-up and wearing blingy clothes and accessories.

  4. Adi at | | Reply

    she looks very pretty and regal.

  5. lolita at | | Reply

    Looks weird though…being covered up every inch from neck down…quite a departure from the normally scantily clad celebs we are so used to seeing…..

  6. Protyasha at | | Reply

    Waist up, really, really nice, but the red is killing my corneas. Maybe cuz of the light the photographs were shot in.

  7. fopa at | | Reply

    it looks like a burkha…she looks nice but im not liking!

  8. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    Its very nun-like. Love the hair and makeup, though.

  9. Filmi Girl at | | Reply

    That dress looks like priest’s vestements! Way too somber for such a young and cheerful person… The length and cut are flattering but the material and color are NOT.

  10. beni at | | Reply

    FABulous! great styling.

  11. amisha at | | Reply

    she looks awesome. i like the pop of red against the sombre black.

  12. Nepali at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous, don’t like her dress. It looks hot and heavy.

  13. zaini at | | Reply

    gorgeous!!! all covered up and still looks amazing

  14. fashionmaniac at | | Reply

    what a way to go …simple . Her hair and make up is perfect.
    Though I donot approve of the dress but makes sense to wear it as its apt with the title.

  15. SExyDevil at | | Reply

    Are you serious? The dress is quite bad IMHO.

  16. ReshmaSanjeev at | | Reply

    Wow!! I can not think of any other celeb who would have looked so gorgous in this dress. Liked her hairstyle and makeup.

  17. suchi at | | Reply

    love her posture

  18. Megha at | | Reply

    its interesting
    i’m not sure i love it
    but its nice to see something different from the short and tight

  19. Not A Sheep at | | Reply

    Yeah, it’s interesting because it is something unexpected. I’m not sure how I feel about it either. It’s almost like she’s dressed up for some sort of ceremony, whether it be religious, collegiate, or anything in between. I honestly think it is a bit too much — trying too hard to have an Asian look. There are so many beautiful east-Asian dres styles that would have suited her perfectly and would still add a touch of youth and whimsy to her look. Why go so extreme?

  20. Not A Sheep at | | Reply

    Looking at it again, I kind of hate it! It’s like some retro-nun gear she’s sportin. :/

  21. apsara77 at | | Reply

    she looks lovely, unique and definately has a regal air about her in the dress..i don’t think she looks nun-like at all!

  22. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    very different. but it looks more like a winter cloak than a dress to me, almost as if she forgot to take it off when she got indoors from the cold outside. maybe also because of the material. it looks nice, no doubt, but at the same time, does not look like a dress.

  23. SHY at | | Reply

    i absolutely love it. any idea who the designer is?

  24. fashion-crazy at | | Reply

    Tall Trim and Pretty !!!!!

  25. kismet at | | Reply

    she looks very fresh and pretty face, but the dress could have been better, there are sooo many beautiful asian outfits, even a kimono would have been nicer, also most asian clothes have patterns, not plain.

    This looks very priest and monk-like, more like a coat.

  26. Soniya at | | Reply

    Hijaab with a trim!

  27. alinah at | | Reply

    she luks awesome in this..i luv it…her hair n makeup are jus amazing!!!

  28. Rhea at | | Reply

    Deepika darling, what went wrong. You can do so much better than this?

  29. Ritu at | | Reply

    she looks great and regal and it really suits her Chandni Chowk to China look
    …does anybody know what her actual height is? I’ve heard different things from 5’7″ to 5’10″…Is 5’7″ really considered tall in India? I think that’s a pretty average height! Also I really don’t like the way Indians (especially conservative ones) stigmatize girls who are tall (as if they are unfeminine and height is something undesirable) so I am glad Deepika is here to show ’em.

  30. Shweta at | | Reply

    I just cant believe this! I thought Deepika was SO DULL and boring and she NEVER had it in her to dress interesting! I love this dress on her:D Now we’re talking!!:)

  31. priya at | | Reply

    she looks pretty. nice hair and make up. but i dont like how velvety and shiny this dress looks. love the combo though.

  32. pdaervo at | | Reply

    It’s strange
    although I have to say, the full length throws it off a bit
    a shorter length would have been better

  33. Bloo at | | Reply

    Dunno.. On the fence on this one…Can’t decide.. she looks nice.. the dress is very interesting too. I am not sure if it is going with her young self… Oh! I can’t decide!!!.. :D

  34. diptiN at | | Reply

    she looks like a beautiful governess. I think the look is to match her role in the movie.

  35. Surbhi at | | Reply

    love it.. love how simply beautiful the gal looks!! good going!

  36. j at | | Reply

    dress does look much like a burqa……but she looks gorgeous!!!

  37. J at | | Reply

    I like that she has the confidence to appear covered up from head to toe, unlike the rest of the insecure lot of actresses who constantly need to flaunt their body.

  38. karishma at | | Reply

    reminds me of something one would wear at hogwarts

  39. xoxo at | | Reply

    wooww…her makeup and hair looooks amazing…i hvnt seen her this pretty other than in her first movie

  40. xoxo at | | Reply

    and ..in the last pic is that akshays shoes from the pic above this one in the blogg!!

  41. monali at | | Reply

    yuckk!!! totally agree with karishma..very hogwarts uniformyy!!

  42. me at | | Reply

    now this dress demonstrates that you don’t have to wear a blouse for a dress and show your legs all the way to your thorat to be sexy, I don’t agree with all black color but overall long sleeves and conservative dresses in this era where girls wear bikini’s and call it a summer dress, makes you stand up in a crowd with this statement “Honey I am powerful girl I don’t have to show you my boobs or body to gain your attention becasue I have more respect for myself, now for change why don’t you show my your abs and muslces and let me observe you for a chance, I ain’t here to amuse you by showing off my body and make you have a good time” I wish we could put men in mini’s and short and tight stuff and just sit and watch them just like they do to us women

  43. anita at | | Reply

    in any case, this seems to be Deepika’s era.. Move aside Ash!!

  44. me at | | Reply

    gosh I read my own comments and correct the spelling and grammer errors as I go read on, thanks for being nice you all for not condeming me for those mistakes, what Can I say I am lazy bum who just types and posts and don’t read her own typings

  45. Tanika at | | Reply

    I think she looks great and this whole look is so different from any skin-show we’re so used to. She carries it off so well! Very elegant!

  46. shoma at | | Reply

    Oh she is a stunner. Her outfit is quite apt for the occassion.For someone who commented that she would have looked better with a ‘kimono’, well FYI, kimono is a japanese outfit not chinese ok!

  47. Hinzi at | | Reply

    @ me
    Hey..it is CONDEMNING..lol..jus kiddin..
    liked ur comment tho :)
    n i dont think ne1 cares abt spellings here..

  48. Shweta at | | Reply

    @me…I loved your comment:D
    LOL @ putting guys in tights;) Ha!

  49. Shruti at | | Reply

    Sweet look! I love her hair too :)

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