In Atsu


Deepika spoke at the HT Summit on Friday wearing a romantic Atsu top featuring a dramatic bow. Instead of wearing the look on the runway, she wore the top with a black long skirt finishing the look out with an updo and pearl studs.

We don’t have best pics but from the pics we have, the color of the skirt seemed an odd choice. It felt too jarring against the pale pink top. Waist up, she looked gorgeous. In love with that lip color!


Left: Atsu, Spring 2015
Right: Deepika Padukone at HT Summit


Photo Credit: Twitter


  1. I spent my entire 3rd year of college in that lip color. Good times :)

    And of course it looks good on her. Everything looks good on chocolate skin.

    You are wrong about the black skirt. Black looks great with pale pink.

  2. Do I not know my colors? Why is everyone saying pale pink when the top looks lavender on the model and in the pics in the bottom row? I assumed the top looked a different color in the top row cause of the lighting.

  3. yeah but it is a newspaper summit…wish she didn’t dress like such a bimbo when she could have easily found something less frou-frou, poofy, and i am all about my looks (see, a bow?!)

  4. Watched it live on TV and she looked foolish in that outfit at that event, particularly sharing the stage with Aamir Khan who was in a t- shirt. They both could have tried to look a bit more appropriate for a corporate event.


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