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  1. Jyoti at | | Reply

    Not a big fan of this look. The skirt looks ill-fitted and for the first time ever, Deepika looks uncomfortable normally she could even rock a garbage bag. And dont even get me started on those pumps.

  2. Carrie at | | Reply

    Anaita sure loves pairing stripes with leather. The styling was also seen on Priyanka Chopra for her March 2013 Vogue shoot. On the other hand, Deepika’s skirt is a little too tight at the waist.

  3. dn at | | Reply

    The pumps make the outfit interesting. She rocks the look!

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  5. Tulsi at | | Reply

    She reminds me of an indian version of veronica in Archies comics. Chic and lovely but wrong choice of pumps. It clash with her top. I would have picked a red pumps and red lipstick to match it. Regardless, she looks lovely.

    1. bambi eyes at | | Reply

      my eyes just went extraa bambi when i saw this, she looks so cute! very easy breezy chic. anaita & dee are a good fit.

      can there ever be a Tissot giveaway P&P, or do we have to look like her to bag one?

  6. Ananyaa at | | Reply

    I think pumps go perfectly with the rest of the outfit..They add a perfect edge to the look.The makeup and hair are bang on.The wrinkled skirt is a bit of a downer but she looks fantastic :)

    1. Amy at | | Reply

      I agree with you a hundred percent.

    2. Srilalitha at | | Reply

      my thoughts too

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  7. dumbo at | | Reply

    amaze freaking balls! not a fan of the shoes with the outfit but she looks goood!

  8. sagar at | | Reply

    love the skirt, but the fit does skew the look a bit! on the whole the look comes across as a tad bit unfinished – maybe the makeup and better shoes. But Deepika’s fantastic frame and charm still shine through.

    1. Bindaas at | | Reply

      Agree 100%

  9. Roni at | | Reply

    If she was my stylist I would fire her right away for making me wear those heels that contrasts ( in a bad way) with the striped blouse. Plain pumps or heeled sandals would have elevated this look.

  10. Bindaas at | | Reply

    Thank god for her height, frame and face. On anyone else, this would be a WTHeyyyy.

    1. Bindaas at | | Reply

      Or ‘Mismatch much’, eh PnP?

  11. leoninelion at | | Reply

    hate the shoes with the outfit!!

  12. neha at | | Reply

    me no likey…….there is something off about the look…….its probably the tank top

    1. Meria at | | Reply

      yeah..the whole look seems a little awkward :/

  13. monika at | | Reply

    Sorry, but this could well be a towel wrapped around a swim suit ! I don’t like this.

  14. sagarika at | | Reply

    I think she looks really hot..! blue leather skirt adds that extra zing to the look..

    however .. i wonder how she’s wearing a watch in the 1st pic and not in the rest three.. ??Anyone spotted that ! ?

    1. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

      Might be a Tissot watch given the event in question. That wrinkled skirt is a real downer but she still looks chic

  15. hetal at | | Reply

    Deepika luks chic alwaz .. surprisingly nt dis time .. everthing is mis match rather den mix-match .. skirt fit also no good …

  16. Rajvi Bhow at | | Reply

    I quite like the look.. would prefer these over normal black pumps anyday

  17. SG at | | Reply

    Deepika has a ghat look about her man! NO matter what she wears.. she looks like someone who is trying to look ‘hep’. I think its the hair styling or just an inner lack of confidence.. I dislike the hair styling so much!

    1. just me at | | Reply

      A ‘ghat’ look!??

      It’s funny how people see different things in a pic…for me Deepika’s confidence comes shining through and makes the look!

      1. bambi eyes at | | Reply

        @ just me: so true!

    2. brightlightsbigcity at | | Reply

      @SG: The word ‘hep’ is obsolete; hip is the word you should be using…. which goes to show your inner lack of confidence in the English language. And using a community name to attribute sloppiness in fashion or anything for that matter is very passé. So get some etiquette too, while you brush up on your language skills.

      Agreed we all have disagreeable comments to put up, but using words such as, panju, gujju, ghat, maaru and many others (the list goes on) only adds to a divide in society. Just try & use your words carefully.

      1. SG at | | Reply

        Notice the “” around the word ‘hep’? thats what it was supposed to potray… she is 1 of those to me.. who would like to look “hep”..by wearing whatever seem to be ‘in’ at the time.
        So while ‘ghat’ was probably not the right word.. I dont know what to use anymore! Everyone is soo sensitive to the words being used, its like everything is taken personally. ..so let me see if I can word this ‘politically’ correctly. Deepika to me seems like someone who is not really ‘with it’.. internally.. but wants to be that way.. her face to me is not attractive.. to me that is.. She seems to try too hard… and she to me..lacks the combination of personality and fashion sense (external style). She doesnt seem internally stylish…

        1. rana at | | Reply

          internally stylish? very few women are. But as long as she is trying and taking a step in the right direction, I don’t see a problem. Just clicking on this website and searching Deepika shows hat a LONGG way she has come. Her stylists have been doing a good job :)

        2. brightlightsbigcity at | | Reply

          @sg Hey there, cool of you to write back, explain. Aside from that, it’s not about the community you wrote; as I would have written to you even if any other community was mentioned there. :)

  18. Mikaela at | | Reply

    Ultimate HEADTuRNer!!! love the whole look. the colour of the skirt, the stripes and the hair especially (some swirling thing going on aside from the usual bump). SOO vintage. absolutely nothing wrong about these pumps.

  19. chungachanga at | | Reply

    she looks so fresh, now her nude pumps get to rest a bit. can’t post more, as other girls in our hostel want to post comments too! especially when its Dee :))

  20. galpal at | | Reply

    nice DEE! those curves, da dimples.. the white dial & strap of the Tissot (in the first pic) go so well with the whole outfit.
    do like the pumps- i was thinking of other choices,,, red, yellow, coral pink, faint orange, her nude pumps, but no these actually break the mould- so.. yeah, good thinking.

  21. Pari at | | Reply

    The neckline of the top doesn’t suit her.but she carries the look well.

  22. footsie toots at | | Reply

    i want those shoes. Dee looks so cool.

  23. begum at | | Reply

    i love that pencil skirt. only she could have pulled off this thing. very few can look elegant & cool at the same time.

  24. cremebrule at | | Reply

    P&P hop onto this side of the fence where the pumps look perfect with this look! :))

  25. ash at | | Reply

    That skirt is not at all flattering. And imagine if it doesn’t look good on her who on earth can pull it of?!?!
    The look is great on paper but in person something doesn’t feel right….

  26. fonsecalive at | | Reply

    ..Her arms are wicked, and her legs are long
    When she moves my brain screams out this song..

    Sidewalk crouches at her feet
    Like a dog that begs for something sweet
    Do you hope to make her see, you fool?
    Do you hope to pluck this dusky jewel?…

    this time its ‘hello i love you’ by The Doors. of course won’t be able to sing it like Jim Morrison, but that apart DPad is such duskyy sweetness!!

  27. soniya at | | Reply

    No!!! she is wearing pankaj and nidhi leather skirt! & she looks lovely..if she would have chosen black pumps it wud have been boring!

  28. Ruby at | | Reply

    I do not like her look. She always looks soooo put together. There is never any individuality in her looks. It seems as though as soon as stripes came into fashion she was desparetly looking for a way to wear them. Yes it does look like a swimming costume with a skirt on top. She looks like she tries too hard all the time to look trendy. Fashion Victim……

    1. hawwtt mama at | | Reply

      This comment is ‘desparetly’ mean. Get your spelling right…..!! Typo victim! :P

      1. Ruby at | | Reply

        OK then Miss School Teacher she is a “desperate” Fashion Victim! :p

        1. hawwtt mama at | | Reply

          You are the best student ever. :))

  29. Puneeta at | | Reply

    Deeps has gotten quite nicely tanned in the Bombay summer. She looks scrumptilicious!

    And I love, LOVE, LOVE that she doesnt try to hide it under oodles of white cakey makeup, unlike other olive skinned actors.


  30. lavender cake at | | Reply

    leatherrrr skirt in the summer!!! have mercyyy DPad! i am wilting as it is :)) jokes apart, this is one of your best outings so far. and new pinch on the pumps! :P

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