In Twos


It’s been white back to back for Deepika this weekend. On Sat, she sported a Céline-esque flared top with black skinny leggings. Sunday saw her in an all-white Céline jumpsuit, which it seems like she wore back to front.

As striking as the jumpsuit look was, one felt that a skinny belt was needed to break apart all that white. A DvF Coryn clutch finished her look.

Left: At Pooja Makhija’s “Eat.Delete.” Success Brunch
Right: At Women’s Health Issue Launch

Céline Resort 2011

At Pooja Makhija’s “Eat.Delete.” Success Brunch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Yes, the all-white outfit lost bigtime. But I saw her in Cocktail yesterday, and she is definitely hot stuff in the film’s clothing!

  2. First look is weird…spl. in second pic with that awkward pose…Bad!
    Saw the second look in other websites and she was looking smashing…these pictures aren’t doing justice to it…

  3. Smh at that jumpsuit! Does nothing for this otherwise gorgeous woman. Like Celine Dion’s “backward” look – a sure flop!

  4. That jump suit is making her look all weird with only her head popping out a whole sea of white. The second look is far better.
    PS: Her acting was so OTT in cocktail! The only saving grace were the clothes.

  5. I like the jumpsuit but she makes it look..umm trashy? Just compare her awkward poses with the restrained élan of the model, goes to show how posing can make a world of difference.

  6. Love the slightly edgy look on the model. Deepika looks good in the pic on the left of the last row. What a difference it makes, to not pose!

  7. I don’t think she’s worn that jumpsuit back to front. She just didn’t bring the tie-like straps to front. If you look at rest of the front details, they’re exactly the same as the black one on model and orange one on mannequin.

  8. This is called being a slave to fashion. That jumpsuit looks like the kind worn by mental asylum inmates. All she needed were hand restraints. The other look is also a fail.

  9. Anything that makes Deepika look ‘fat’ (I use that very loosely) isn’t really much of an outfit. If it makes her look that way then it can’t do others a service either. Her poses don’t help the cause either.

  10. She could have rocked the look had she worn it *right*……..belt too should have been there. The jumpsuit looks great on the model. I am not happy with the second look too…….what about a pencil skirt with that peplum top instead of these tights?

  11. Bad poses. bad outfits. The top and skinny somehow just looks weird, made worse with pose. The jumpsuit – hate the white line (its the stitch yes, but a ugly one) leading down to her crotch. And the jumpsuit fitting is bad as well at that region. A little tighter and we might see a camel toe! The only picture that looks good is the second last picture where she has her sunnies on and the stitch out of sight.

  12. Don’t care for either of those looks. Jumpsuit pose looks silly and the flared top, which has so much porential needed longer, not-so-tight pants, and perhaps a long necklace. Deepika’s make-up did look good though.

  13. The jumpsuit could have looked better if worn the right way I guess.
    And the peplum top could have been paired with better bottoms, peplum is a hot trend right now so I guess she wanted to give it a try.

  14. A pencil skirt with the pelum top would have nailed the look The jumpsuit should have been worn with a belt. O well she tried something different but her poses for the pics ruined the whole look.


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