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  1. Pzes at | | Reply

    Black always makes you look slim, and theres nothing wrong with the dress as such.

    Urrrm, Is it just me, or does the dress make her seem like she has a little pot belly?

    1. sabrina at | | Reply

      i think this photographs is tampered with, her lower body looks completely out of proportion. and she is definitely very proportionate.

  2. Nime at | | Reply

    Bored for lack of things to say? I could see what you mean considering girl knocks it out of the ball park almost every time. She’s impeccable here.

  3. Yashita at | | Reply

    I think she looks lovely. And much prefer this look over a blingy one!

    P.S: No dark lipstick! Yay!

  4. kasthuri at | | Reply

    wish she had some pop of colour..
    but good make up..and though hair is brown, it looks ok tied up..

  5. suchi at | | Reply

    you are kidding right? she looks freaking amazing!!!

  6. Ratna at | | Reply

    She looks bored too.

  7. SSN at | | Reply

    She looks good in this dress.. But for some reason I feel that Frieda Pinto tried this look previously, not sure though.

  8. sinlesschocolate at | | Reply

    I love this look on her..

  9. ltblmr at | | Reply

    Maybe it is the camera’s angle or whatever, but she actually manages to look chunky in this dress!

  10. shruti at | | Reply

    I for once loved dis look on Deepika. Such a refreshing make up. I’m hoping the dark lips have gone!!
    She s looking fab. those pumps r gooood…. Lovely. I fail to understand ur sense of fashion sometimes.

    1. suchi at | | Reply

      so agree with you, especially the part about not understanding their sense of fashion!

  11. ZI at | | Reply

    Wierd wannabe see-throug dress…hate it!! Love the shoes though

    1. mary at | | Reply


      1. Usha at | | Reply

        It’s not see-through.It just has a skin color lining something to make the pleats show! bah you guys!

  12. chitown-fashionista at | | Reply

    Simple, yet effective! She looks gorgeous.

  13. uumema at | | Reply

    she luks simply gorgeous….flawless!!she is a stunning beauty!!

  14. a at | | Reply

    Love the dress! Deepika looks amazing. Not the least bit boring.

  15. sabrina at | | Reply

    did she hurt her knee or something? her legs look weirddd.

  16. pop at | | Reply

    HATE the shoes!!!!
    Everything else is STUNNING!
    Wow..I’m impressed!

  17. shreya at | | Reply

    Cm’on u two….shez lookin’ absolutely stunning….very simple yet effective n fresh….love her here…very fresh !!

  18. quirky at | | Reply

    she’s looking “simply” STUNNING !! beautiful dress, perfect length, no dark lips…but yes a beautiful grin would have sealed the deal :)

  19. Oyindrila at | | Reply

    not expected from a former model that also, at a fashion awards ceremony !
    she simply played it safe & h8 dat smile of hers…its got a nice dise of arrogance in it !

  20. Oyindrila at | | Reply


  21. shyba at | | Reply

    I just love this look,she looks beautiful

  22. deemelinda at | | Reply

    this dress brings attention to her knees strangely..

  23. Rushil at | | Reply

    i think deepika looks stunning!!! glamorous yet simple…….very elegent!! and i LOVE the SV heels!!!

  24. Mikaela at | | Reply

    elegant veryy

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