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  1. Megha at | | Reply

    deepika = blah
    sonam = fabulous

  2. keya at | | Reply

    holy crap… I dont understan her top to bottom..
    the dress… the necklace… and damn ya the shoes.. aarrggg……

  3. Kav at | | Reply

    hmm..i actually like deepika in this better…

  4. anoo at | | Reply

    sonam is far more sophisticated……if not compared to sonam thn deepika did a better job thn usual…

  5. FPDP at | | Reply

    deepika compared to herself fares good although i feel she is not comfrotable dressing up in this fashion. compared to sonam…nowhere close!

  6. meha at | | Reply

    def sonam. the dress, the color, the gladiator sandals, make up, hair.. PERFECT. dipika, on the other hand, seems like shes trying too hard. the gladiators are nice but the dress is yuckk, too loud, the dolman sleeves aren’t working for her. and the necklace just makes the whole outfit look outrageously 14 year old trying to dress grown up.

  7. pdaervo at | | Reply

    poor poor Deepika o_O
    there isn’t even room for comparison (although Some heels would have helped on Sonam)

  8. P at | | Reply

    i think deepika minus her necklace(s) would have looked fab..

  9. suchi at | | Reply

    actually like deepika except for the color and the bubble hem. she looks long and lean. sonam looks stumpy, calves etc not so great. aslo the fit makes her look hippy

  10. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    Deepika wore it way better ! Love the color on her ! I think pink and gold is a better combo

  11. mj at | | Reply

    sonam nails the look while deepika look slike a wannabe trying to join the gladiator bandwagon. what is that dress….it’s like the worst features of two different dresses meshed together!!!

  12. viz at | | Reply

    nah deepika just doesn’t cut it..can’t pinpoint but something’s terribly amiss. no spark, very Bleh.

  13. Spartangirl at | | Reply

    The color looks fab on Deepika..but I dont like the dress..I am on the fence on this one

  14. Pavani at | | Reply

    omg what have u guys unleashed here lol Good luck with moderating posts from crazy fans of these two. Both look very cute but Sonam’s dress is way better.

  15. apsara77 at | | Reply

    umm there is not even any comparison: Sonam’s is laidback effortless elegance whereas Deepika is trying too hard and also looks kind of tired where as Sonam is glowing..

  16. herdisnot at | | Reply

    Points for confidence, Sonam!
    No points for either outfit…Both outfits border on tackiness. For some reason even the colors do not make them pop out. I think it is the illfitting cut, and the mismatched gladiator sandals. I like both Sonam and Deepika equally. Even they fail to redeem these outfits.

  17. stuti at | | Reply

    Hahah! Sonam wins by a landslide. :)

  18. VirgoVixen at | | Reply

    Does Deepika look better than her previous appearances which were super-dull? YES.
    Does she wear it better than Sonam? Hell NO.

  19. kheerni at | | Reply

    Deepika does not look as comfortable in her skin as Sonam does, and that makes a huge difference. Plus, her dress looks like something u’d get a Forever 21. Not that there’s anything wrong with Forever 21, in fact I like the store, but Sonam’s dress is much less commonplace.

  20. Aathira at | | Reply

    I think Deepika has a better bone structure and overall beauty, but Sonam definitely has and carries style better.

  21. MacsIris at | | Reply

    When I saw Deepika’s pic alone I kinda liked it. But in comparison to sonam’s I think sonam’s outfit color and the way she carried it off looks better than Deepika’s. I’m a deepika fan though!! :(

  22. monika at | | Reply

    Sonams’ is way better- colour, shoes, make-up, style, hair

  23. Bsimple at | | Reply

    w/o batting an eyelash…I can say it’s Sonam who owns the look coz of her fake eyelashes and that shinyyyy hair and wholehearted smile! Deepika def seems stiff compared to that..!

  24. Sharin at | | Reply

    Deepika by far. Her dress makes her look long and lean, whereas Sonam does look stumpy and short…in fact Sonam’s dress with the glads is a classic no no. The length of the dress is too long to be worn with glads that cut you off at the ankles. Not to mention her gold earrings and black glads are a complete eyesore. The problem with Deepika though (if you can actually call it a problem) is that.. she looks too classy. Her hair, posture and expression make her look like she is royalty or something.. and you rarely see royalty dressed in a pink dress with gladiators so it’s a little disconcerting. Still, she looks better than Sonam.

  25. Sharin at | | Reply

    P&P I can’t wait for the pics of Sonam in HB, Deepika in Femina, and Ash on Verve!!!

  26. Sharin at | | Reply

    nevermind I see Verve is up!

  27. Anu at | | Reply

    sonam’s dress is a vivienne westwood…and its amazing and classy…and deepika’s is a fun, slightly younger style…both have such beautiful faces, and each shade of pink complements them equally well…how do you decide? I think they’ve both done a good job…I think we should stop comparing the two…honestly, I don’t think either one is competing to be better than the other in terms of dressing…I mean if they were in competition, it’d get so boring…because, they will be trying too hard to be fashionable…variety is the spice of life! let pple have their individual styles…don’t compare!

  28. sympa! at | | Reply

    its either her eyebrow shape o her under eye makeup o soemthin that makes deepika look really tired a LOT of the time….sonam looks young and fresh with the right amount of muscle. deepika looks too like shes suferin from malnutrition.

  29. AV at | | Reply

    where’s deepika’s dress from.. It’s pretty

  30. K at | | Reply


    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I think curvaceous women are sexy as hell. Sonam’s got beautiful curves…. and Deepika doesn’t have any (she’s just lean, which is okay too). This dress is very average, stuff you could find at Macy’s…. but Sonam takes this to another level. On Deepika it looks as if it would on a mannequin. Harsh, but true.

  31. chicbollywood at | | Reply

    Deepika’s gladiators are by Miu Miu. Have posted details on my blog. Thought might be of interest to you.

  32. diptiN at | | Reply

    I do not like the tulip hem on Deepika’s dress, but I think the color, length and neckline looks great. I also prefer the gold gladiators to the black worn by sonam. On sonam, I do not like the length, the dress is too long.

  33. Sonali at | | Reply

    @Pavani- LOOL!

    Both look fab in my opinion, thou deepika has one too many jewellery on!

  34. akaa at | | Reply

    Sonam looks wayy better!! Deepika does not even come close… the design/cut of the dress, the color .. nothing seems to work for her… IDK something is always amiss on Deepika .. just compare the 2nd set of pics.. Sonam looks fab hair/make-up wise .. while Deepika looks trying too hard!!

  35. Adit at | | Reply

    you have to hand it to these girls they are young and trendy, but it does not always mean they get it right. The good thing about Dipikas outfit is that she kept her make up, nailpolish (Sonam is wearing black nail polish!!) neutral.

  36. Soha at | | Reply

    I think they both carry off the look well.

  37. Soha at | | Reply

    okay after looking closely am gonna go with Sonam, however Deepika fares well this time compared to her previous appearances

  38. Rhea at | | Reply

    I think Deepika looks better. I don’t like sonam’s dress at all and the length of the dress makes sonam’s calves look stumpy.. Deepika looks fresh and her glads are definitely more flattering.

  39. emem at | | Reply

    i feel that deepika is more effortless… where sonam is more thought through..

    btw.. saif is looking delish frm the photoshoot too..u shud post it here for some getting some nain sukh ..

  40. maya at | | Reply

    deepika wins hands down.

  41. Lori at | | Reply

    HAHA it’s so easy to see who a real fan is on here. Real fans stick by their favorite stars even if they wore potato sacks and popcorn necklaces. I don’t know how some of you can say deepika doesn’t look comfortable or is trying too hard-um, girl’s a former model, she has the confidence and the posture and it’s there, you can see it. I prefer deepika’s look because the shorter dress bottom leaves more leg bare which makes the legs look longer and more defined. Sonam’s look is daring but daring isn’t always beautiful and if you concentrate on the bottom half of her legs, well, her legs look dumpy. Then, the colors clash, gold earrings, pink dress, black shoes, off the shoulder on the left but longer hem on the bottom right, it’s so simple, yet too busy. I don’t hate sonam’s looks but between the 2, Deepika wins.

  42. preeti at | | Reply

    sonam : chic , fresh , lovely hair , comfortable n young

    deepika : tired, boring , dull , wanna be

  43. kismett at | | Reply

    deepika looks very drowned out, the serious weight loss is showing on her in a bad way, or maybe its over working.

    Either way Sonam looked fab, deepika drab, and like someone else said uncomfortable.

  44. Silpa at | | Reply

    I think Deepika looks better – more fresh. and its not the same dress or same look as Sonam -HHC you guys just want to start a competition and u are definitely partial to Sonam

  45. malini at | | Reply

    i dont’ care much for either dress.. both looks gorgeous..face wise..
    stop the constant camparison…..

  46. preeti at | | Reply

    Neon pink sucks!

  47. charan at | | Reply

    Deepika used to look so fresh when she was a model… now its all gone. Already!

  48. JP at | | Reply

    definitely deepika….sonam’s dress doesnt flatter her body…the gladiator sandals also go better in gold with deepika’s look…

  49. Carol at | | Reply

    @Lori, you are so correct. Anyone can look at the dress on Sonam and see it is not flattering. Her legs look stumpy in those gladiator shoes.

  50. Neha at | | Reply

    any idea where is Deeepika’s dress from…please letmme know
    i have this new love for balloon dresses…

  51. preeths at | | Reply

    how exactly is deepika looking like a “wannabe trying to jump on the gladiator bandwaon?” sonam fans are just plain blind and too mean to anyone else who is compared to their “so called fashionista”

    both of them look just about okay! sonams dress is THE WRONG LENGTH for flat glads, anyone with an iota of fashion sense will know that! and those black glads are just horrendous. her legs look stumpy and ridiculous

    deepikas color combo of pink and gold is better, but that dress is just too silly!

  52. Kps at | | Reply

    I don’t know why we have to do a comparison!!! Both are looking fab… Deepika’s legs look fantastic in that dress, not too keen on the sleeves of her dress though. Sonam is looking bright and bubbly, and that helps her look…
    Don’t see anything that screams ‘trying too hard’ or ‘wanna be’ about Deepika… wish people would give the girl a break

  53. Vanity Girl at | | Reply

    Deepika should have probably used some edgy makeup to make up for the big blah that her look is otherwise! the same expressions all the time aren’t helping.

  54. sue at | | Reply

    the dress makes sonams legs look ugly

  55. lolita at | | Reply

    They are both different in their own ways but Deepika’s dress doesnt look good on her. Shes too lean too try to wear “bubble potato sack like” dresses. Those are better worn by women who have curves and a bit of shape. Her legs look like sticks after the big poof Deepika’s gorgeous but needs to hire a better stylist!

  56. Ritu at | | Reply

    Sonam looks better. I’m no loyal fan of anybody; I have good reasons to prefer Sonam. One, she has a curvier figure than Deepika which works better for this dress. Two, the hue Deepika chose doesn’t sit well with her skin tone. Three, I don’t know what that necklace is doing there!
    I do prefer Deepika’s shoes though.

  57. Ritu at | | Reply

    *this dress=this type of dress

  58. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I’mnot a crazy super fan or anything, but I DO think that Deepika looks sort of …horrible. Like she hasn’t slept in days or something. Her dress is a blue based pink, which doesn’t work well with ther warm coloring (as opposed to Sonam’s red based dress, which makes her glow) and the shillouette is swallowing her up. The dress it self looks like it came from some generic teeny bopper store :/

  59. Sharin at | | Reply

    It’s interesting that someone mentioned that Deepika looks tired. I just noticed it now that it was mentioned but there is something about her eyes.. either the eyebrow shape or just the fact that it remains so big that lends her the “tired” look. In comparison.. Sonam’s eyes crinkle up in a very Asian way and that almost lends her an earnestness and a glow that is lacking in Deepika. It’s only evident in the bottom two pictures.. in the top two pictures Sonam looks snobby and Deepika looks sweet.

  60. Lavanya at | | Reply

    Who looks better- Sonam.
    Why- Body language!!! thats why

    Deepika still thinks she is on the ramp!!! the shoulders are soooo drawn back – model like- she looks haggard.

  61. koel at | | Reply

    Hm I don’t think much of sonam and her sense of forced ‘style’, but gotta give credit where it’s due, she totally worked this look! The dress is incredible, in fact I’ve been trying to get hold of this one but this one is out of stock now :( , the glads are awesome, lovely earrings and the side plait is cute. Yea it makes her look shorter but glads do that to simply everyone so you should just ignore it

    Deepika on the other hand, yuck, the color, the dress, the ugly shoes, unnecessary accessories. In fact, I don’t recall a single instance where she’s actually looked good and well turned out! Except in photo spreads, she always looks like an aunty.

  62. melange at | | Reply

    Sonam all the way! I agree wid wat someone said earlier, Deepike is stuck in the model mode. She comes across looking uncomfortable and stiff. That further ruins this already ridiculous outfit. But I like Deepika’s glads better than Sonam’s.

  63. bins at | | Reply

    I hate glads…I think sonam works her outfit better, but deepika’s legs make the glads look awesome. Sonam should never wear gladiators, they do no justice to her legs.

  64. shruty87 at | | Reply

    deepika is wearing miu miu “pirite” gladiators…
    but she certainly doesnt seem to carry off the look well.

  65. Jasmine at | | Reply

    Deepika is looking so incredibly beautiful in this look, i hated Sonam’s dress/earings/hair. Its a first coz usually Sonam dresses up well.

  66. hana at | | Reply


    she’s fabulous!

  67. Shireen at | | Reply

    Deepika looks like a butterfly!
    Have to say Sonam’s black gladiators dont really go well with the pretty pink she is wearing. But on the whole she looks better

  68. jgvu at | | Reply

    sonam for sure is better…even the best…
    pink suits her….
    she x luking fab….!
    and hrdressing is perfect….everywhere

  69. anuradha at | | Reply

    deepika is look very nice she has the attitude to carry it..sonam wear cloth tat look good not over

  70. susy q at | | Reply

    never liked deepika- not at all elegant in anyway, and this photo proves that she just seems to be trying TOO HARD all the FRIGGIN’ TIME.

    en revanche, sonam looks as though she just pulled the look together, which to me is what chic is all about. the clothes aren’t envelopping her personality, they’re enhancing its bubbliness.

  71. DressyDresser at | | Reply

    I can’t believe that you people are actually comparing Sonam to Deepika. Sonam is on a different level. Deepika is such a bad dresser,she’s got no sense of style at all. I don’t know why, but I just don’t find her pretty. She looks cold and snobbish and so uncomfortable and tired. Deepika’s dress….hahahaha..sorry,couldn’t help but laugh…is so damn shapeless, it makes her look ever more shapeless than she actually is. The colour sucks. The necklace..hahaha..don’t get me started on that. And her hair!! OMG..they look terrible..and the hair colour is downright tacky.
    I’m no Sonam fan,but you’ve got to appreciate her style. She’s fabulous, so well-turned out. I can’t remember a single eevnt where she looked bad. She rocks this look. She looks so charming. I LOVE her hair so much.

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