Get Shorty


Deepika kept it casual in a black Mango tank and black shorts when spotted at LFW. A sparkly bag, statement jewelry and nude pumps completed her look. Once again, Ms. Padukone got her hair and make-up just right! We like. (It would’ve been even better had she dressed it up just a tad, maybe with a jacket?)

Deepika Padukone At LFW Winter/Festive 2011

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. HOTTTTT, love her look :)) I just compared it to Amisha Patel’s LFW short skirt look. Deepika looks classy and Amisha trashy :P

  2. she has the BEST figure in bollywood right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if her competition (sonam, anushka, etc) look at her and feel envious of that body like the rest of us do. I also LOVE that she embraces her dusky skin color and flaunts it with makeup that suits her complexion instead of trying to cake on foundation thats too light .

  3. Loved it??!! Wow P&P! The moment its Deepika Padukone and all that “tacky camera reflecting material” is forgiven. This look is so average. Plus that tatoo on her foot! *cringe*

    • poor Pnp, they can’t even complement a look anymore without being accused of being bias. First the accusations were widely spread on Sonam’s posts and now on Deepika’s…sigh…

      • Seriously if someone doesn’t like it, just say that..why commenting on the poster’s opinion plus her tattoo is her choice and so irrelevant while commenting on her clothes/accessories/makeup and overall appearance!

  4. Saw more of the same pictures on another site. Bad, bad! Why is she doing this to herself? And those highlights in her hair only made her look old. Someone seriously needs a new stylist!

  5. How is this different from the Ameesha Patel look a few pages back (except that Ameesha wore a mini skirt and Deeps is wearing hot pants)?!? It’s the same tacky look. Although Deeps has a gorgeous face.

  6. As much as I love Deepika, i absolutely HATE this look. I gasped aloud when I saw that she had worn this to the Fashion week. That tank is something I would wear for running.. two thumbs down and major dislike. Its easy to redeem herself because a look cant get worse than this

  7. Imran Khan was also here. He had even posed for pictures with Deepika. Pls feature him!! He looked absolutely delish. I’d say the best he ever has! & it Ramadan & I’m fasting, so I wont say more about him. lol!

  8. Agree…a jacket was needed. Somehow, this is too much skin show. Not event appropriate either. Would’ve worked it she was going out clubbing or for a late night movie show.

  9. Im sorry ‘like this look’?? she wore THIS to a fashion event? really? How you going to put on shorts with a tank with pumps and no blazer? …wear makeup with puffy hair with something as casual as shorts? Not like they were dressy shorts and blazer combo….I would have liked to see a tight sleep pony tail…neutral colored blazer with black pumps to make it dressy and fit for a fashion event.- me thinks – Incomplete look

  10. no matter ho wbig m a fan of ths face.. i dnt like ths look a bit..

    too much of chain goin on.. (bag n necklace) it look so busy..
    n tht tank is complete no no..

  11. eewww.. not the right choice of dress for the occasion. She should have replaced that top with a shiny top atleast or a jacket as P&P said.. this look is a complete no no for me. .

  12. This is a complete faux pas. (Regardless of the fact that the look is tacky by itself, irrespective of context.)
    And that lycra tank has to be burnt.

  13. I think a short shorts and tank top is so event inappropriate. Where i live, this is what gals wear to go to the neighborhood shops or to walk their dog out on a super hot day.


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