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    not more velvet. hope the other cannes outfits are better. doesn’t she have a beautiful face.

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    Bronzer OD.

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    wow – she looks stunning! The anarkali is gorgeous and her face is glowing, I don’t see whats so wrong with the makeup it looks fine to me.

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    Sister needs to go easy on the push-ups ;)

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      hahaha….just what i thought…

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      Seriously! Push-ups really not going with this outfit. Her boobs are popping out in a very weird way, and that’s taking the attention away from the outfit.

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    i think she looks gorgeous.. anarkali & makeup included:)

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    I actually AM loving the make-up. It’s the HAIR that’s giving me the jilts!! she should’ve had pulled it up in a bun.

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    never thought i’d see this much cleavage on an anarkali….

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      i know.. right? too much – it’s like rohit bal couldn’t let an anarkali be an anarkali

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    Let’s save the push-up bra for a layered tank/distressed denim premiere look, shall we?
    I somehow can’t believe this is a Rohit Bal design (been taking Manish Malhotra lessons have we Mr. Bal?) and that he allowed her to walk out in that particularly hideous outfit styled and made-up like she is…*sigh.

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      He himself looks quite dapper though. :)

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    omdz itz about time she takes her hair out the bun, nice anarkali but i just think with the way the duppata is drapped it makes it looks like theres too much fabric going on! she does look nice tho, including the shades of make up :)

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    Huh. My first thought – “Queen Guinevere ran away from the Renaissance Faire and discovered bindis.”

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      Ha! Ha! That pretty much does sum it up, doesnt it?

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      Good one!!

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    oh its just a press conference…i was like yikesss another disaster at the Cannes…fingers toes its all crossed…really something prettier?? i mean this looks so drab..and boring for someone so young…and anarkalis are nice but all the time…last i saw her at the om shanti om premiere in London and she was wearing a red one i think….(correct me if i am wrong…i might be)…but nooooooooo no more anarkalis …everyones wearing them…so over done!

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    I think she looks great (though eerily like Sushmita Sen in the last picture) but wish she would dye her hair back to one color… the lighter bottom half makes it a little mullet-y. The dark makeup suits her with this outfit, IMO.

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    Aw, man. I absolutely love Deepika but this look is fail all around.

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    I think she looks great with the bindi….I also like the anarkali (for a press meet) but would liked it little shorter.

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    she came from a shoot maybe

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    Good lord that is ghastly in every respect: dress, hair, make-up…

    Is there some unwritten rule that young Indian actresses must look like clowns at Cannes for the first couple of years before getting their proper outfits out? I still haven’t forgotten the horrors that Neeta Lulla inflicted on Aishwarya all those years ago.

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      lol so do i!:p

      but wish Preity was thr too..cz she sure would have been a breath of fresh air..as she rarely makes a mess like these 2 ladies seems to have..

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    I think the makeup makes her look gorgeous and suits the dress.

    At first I didn’t think it was an anarkali because I can’t see the churidar.

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    i feel the make up was fab (considering she has a dark skin tone) the-bronze-plum look is justifiable but the hair – NO NO.
    Anarkali as said by someone – is overdone and even if u gotto wear it, its always better if u show a lil bit more of the churipants and lesser of U KNOW WHAT!!

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    Judging from some of these comments, you have influenced your readers so much that they have begun to take an immediate dislike to velvet on anything!

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      we are capable of making up our own minds without being influenced by anyone.

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        imo, this site is for commenting on the pics, not for commenting on the commentors.

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          lol so true

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    –Ugly dress

    –Hideous make up

    Can’t believe she is representing India…

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    her make-up ages her 5 years easily. and the dress is hideous.

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    was it really necessary to match the maroon on the anarkali to her lips??? really makeup artist..really??

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    Doesnt she resemble isha deol little bit ?

    Anarkali-OMG what version of anarkali is this -Gown +anarkali…

    Dupatta could have been of light thinner fabric,rather than curtain or bedsheet.

    Anarkali length-OMG…I am sure she is nt wearing any underpants.Doesnt need one.

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    What horrendous makeup! Just look at the closeups…

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    I think Rohit Bal wanted to look nicer than Deepika…maybe some sort of competition going on and …Rohit wins. Ghastly makeup, terrible outfit and boobs peeping out to check out the action.

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    good to see rohit bal all recovered.
    great outfit… badly worn.

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    so blahhh…im sure we can do better! deepika has such a good body why does she insist on hiding it with these drab clothes?? terrible. she looks ten years older. and the hair is so off-putting.

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    her usual make-up is stunning why change it to this awful look, the foundation is sooo wrong!

    someone save deepika from this now before she steps on the red carpet! Please let her saree be nicer than this.

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    Really I should not be liking something that looks like its dragged out of Umrao Jaan’s closet – but for some inexplicable reason – make-up and push-up apart – I am kind of digging this Moghlai look.

    No doubt I will soon wake up and smell the coffee.

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    I actually lovin it. those pastel colors make her look dull. this make up, though very eighties, lookinn great.

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    make up is bad, anarkali is kinda random too.

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    She looks divine! Perfect indian beauty! Outfit is hideous but she carries it with utmost grace and I am not a deepika fan at all!

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    Just dont liek the make up .. Oh wait dont like the dress either !!!!

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    where is the churidar….lol

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    Rohit Bal can do so much better than this one. Like the OTT pushup. I think its her lipstick which is making her look too old. There is just too much bronzer, dark eyes and dark lips. Something’s gotta give. Hope the final red carpet design is worthy of Ms. PAdukone. This lady has one of the fittest bodies in the industry and poise to rock the red carpet.

    BTW…Bal looks dapper.

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    Isn’t the Anarkali…toooo long ?? eh… ppl… :p try better..

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    If this is an anarkali, it needs to go shorter at the hem, and shorter with the neckline too .. that’s too much of cleavage for an ethnic dress!!
    Deepika is what – 5’10” or something.. and she’s drowning in all that fabric.. So, what was the intent behind this kind of a design??
    Just HOPING the sari is not a disaster too!!

  39. Lalitha at | | Reply

    the makeup is waaaay too heavy/dark for her.

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    oh what is she wearing who decided the lenght of this anarkali this outfit does nothing to impress n she looks like a child in a grown ups clothes ..not good

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    Deepika looks ok overall. Rohit himself looking quite dashing, resembles so much of Sean Penn in this look.

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    not worth an international appearance. looks dated to me. in late 90’s we had anarkali phase and velvet and dark maroon make up. soo baasi. please something fresh, u r in ur early 20’s deepu!!

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    Push up bra with Anarkali – SO not right !

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