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  1. Ratna at | | Reply

    Don’t like the platform peep toe pumps with both looks.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      I totally agree. Joothi or kohlapuri would have been a lot better for both looks.

      1. charu at | | Reply

        Totally….Killed the look esp for Deepika. Like her suit though.

  2. zeeniebb at | | Reply

    I love Deepika’s look except for the shoes. She already has long legs, the high heel along with the shorter kurta is throwing off the proportions.

  3. annik at | | Reply

    Chitrangada looks like a lampshade and deepika reminds me of a cheetah. not digging either!

    1. Indigirl at | | Reply

      ROFLMAO Annik the cheetah bit is tooo funny…

  4. Ariel at | | Reply

    Deepika has the most boring shoe collection ever! It’s like the 100th time seeing her in those pumps (both her glitter and nude pairs). Does she own sandals? But it does work with that beautiful suit she has on! ChitSingh’s suit is the regular bollywood fare type. Though I love the neon yellow border.

    1. Ariel at | | Reply

      P&P, Priyanka Chopra has started to promote Don 2. Her latest addiction seems to be colored skinny jeans. She arrived at the airport from LA in red hot pants with a white tank and some sexy open toe ankle boots while carrying a black bag (hope you can ID it). At the radio station with Khan, she was wearing lime green pants with a flowy white pank which i thought was pretty, and paired it with white pumps! Hope you post!

      1. Priyanka at | | Reply

        Tweeted it as soon as we saw it (Seeing Red: Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) With Gucci Sukey Hobo and red hot pants! Love. http://bit.ly/sR13se). Don’t have the pictures, once we do, will post. In the meantime, follow us on http://twitter.com/#!/HHCGuiltFree


  5. Lipstick_Raver at | | Reply

    Wow, love DP’s narrow paitiala salwar – perfect choice for visiting Punjab!

  6. Anuja at | | Reply

    i like chitrangda’s more :P

  7. suzy q at | | Reply

    I don’t like the platform pumps with either suit. It would have been nice for both ladies to switch those with some nice desi juttis or something.

    1. beans at | | Reply

      agree with you. those sky high peep-toe pumps look so out of place with the patiala salwar!

  8. D at | | Reply

    Love chitrangda, what the hell is deepika wearing? its a bit odd…

    also — is it just me or is it peculiar that they’ve changed into ‘desi’ clothes for the punjab part of the promotions… stereotyping things a bit .. are we???

    1. belle at | | Reply

      it’s the kabaddi world cup finals…desi sport so good to see them going desi…besides…i don’t care for the reason actually…finally i see them doing desi! i was getting a bit bored by their usual run of the mill dresses lol

      although by going by those standards…Ms Singh should have worn patiala too….

      Deepika looks good! Although I agree with everyone else that she should have worn something desi

      1. belle at | | Reply

        shoes I mean…desi shoes…or actually anything but those pumps! LoL

  9. Nidhi at | | Reply

    how friggin awesome does dippy look!!! who knew those legs could rock a patiala!!!

  10. VanillaVibes at | | Reply

    I think Deepika’s suit and her choice of shoes is making her look not so graceful….she looks rather way too tall wth these pumps( okay grapes are sour) to look feminine in this suit! Chitragandha’s suit might be boring but she’s looking quite graceful and feminine..

  11. bongbabe at | | Reply

    whoooooa – love them both!

  12. janvi at | | Reply

    Deepika’s patiala suit is really lovely but she looks like a big tall man

  13. Shweta Singh at | | Reply

    haha where the hell Deepika’s salwar is riding?!Looks pretty weird!! As a thumb rule salwars should always sit in the mid of pumps/sandals…

  14. delpi at | | Reply

    woooowwwwww….both ladies look ravishing and ethereal…..
    Also to update High heel confidential that Chitrangda is wearing Arpan Vohra Outfit which you may like to post for your readers to know……….

  15. RoRo at | | Reply

    I personally prefer chudidaars n dont really dig the patiala pants,however the shoes really did kill the look kolhapuris or jpptis wouldve looked so much better!

  16. RoRo at | | Reply


  17. Rav at | | Reply

    Do you guys have a shot of Chitrangda’s anarkali’s back?
    Deepika looks beautiful, but the kameeeez is too high.

  18. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

    Chitragandha looks better.

  19. Simran at | | Reply

    Love DP’s suit, but wish the salwar was a bit more voluminous (as the authentic Patiala is supposed to be). Also, wish she’d opted for better footwear. Chitrangda’s outfit is nothing to write home about.

  20. Purvi at | | Reply

    Loved Deepika’s look…. by the way she is wearing a “dhoti salwar” and not a patiala :)

    1. belle at | | Reply

      Thank you!

      I was getting so confused because it was like…that doesn’t look like a patiala…but then “what do i know?” hahaha

      So I clearly am not going blind

    2. kasthuri at | | Reply

      thanks for that piece of info.. it did look different than the normal patiala and i have seen these on the streets of Delhi.

  21. Hema at | | Reply

    why is my comment still awaiting moderaion

  22. Rushil at | | Reply

    love Chitrangda’s look a lot more! *have a thing for anarkalis*

  23. mrignanny at | | Reply

    Chitrangda for me…..all the way…Deepika looks like wearing an outfit thats she had worn during her teens……get a stylist

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