One In Every Color?


We don’t do it and we don’t get why anyone would buy more than one outfit of the same design. You can love a certain design but why have more than one of it. Doesn’t it take away from the first piece? Coming back to Ms. Gehani, while I loved the grey version more, those sandals just killed it for me. Which appearance of her in this BCBG dress do you prefer?


Left: At Kenzo Store Launch, Sep 2008
Right: At Percept Bash, Jul 2009

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Nice to see her here, I worked under her way back in 2002 when she was still relatively unknown. All she made me do was run errands. It was good because I learnt a lot in that short period of time, through observation.

  2. Neither! What a tacky looking dress! Are the straps supposed to pull up that bit of fabric like that? It makes it look poorly made…:(


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