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    I bought a pair of jeans recently and got it altered like 3 times! now it’s too short to be worn with heels :( and I possibly can’t risk to look like Soha…even if I don’t have a satin shirt and that hair. Thanks Pri Payal…again not just for this but for many more!! This is the only fashion blog I trust :)



  2. Solitaire at | | Reply

    Interesting…maybe trying to come out with a new trend?

  3. Lia at | | Reply

    Soha is supercute. But everytime I see her it feels like she belongs to an older era.

  4. saya at | | Reply

    maybe she was expecting some floods? aha

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    Love your work over at thelattefiles(dot)com…

    And LOVE this blog!! You and Payal ROCK!!

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    Also according to the “What not to Wear” host, short women should NOT wear capris or Boot leg style pants as they make them look shorter. I know it’s a drag to take them to alteration but if you can afford a few extra bucks, i’d say do it.

    Looking at her pic, all i can ask is: SOHA KAHAAN KHOYA? :)

    Is she trying to channel Ivana Trump who never gives up her bouffant?

  7. kannu at | | Reply

    soha looks pathetic !
    it seems she doesnt kno how important it is to get a right hair cut !
    Also i wld suggest her to tk tips from her would b sister in law Kareena !
    she can probably help !

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    I think she bought the jeans wearing flats of keds,and then they looked fine. Also probably put on some weight on her hips, so the jeans are now snug, with no room for pulling it down. Overall a pretty girl, still a long way to go as far as style statements are concerned. Cannot make up her mind if she is going Hollywood glamour or Arty farty.

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    Hi Priyanka and Payal,
    I am new to this blog.. but trust me i am having a lot of fun here and this content is very me…
    Good show…

    Well, Soha doesnt fail to surprise, while she is cute and blah blah..but her dressing sense (western) is not particularly adorable or fashionable…. unlike her brother.. who is just turning supercool day by day…
    no wonder a paint company signs her not a fashion brand… now we know why ;-)– Gia

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