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    I have been watching Indian Fashion from the sidelines for a decade now and I was really losing hope of us ever evolving an indigenous aesthetic – This was the first collection I have seen in India which I can compare to watching Junya Watanabe or Victor and Rolf showing their debut collections at Paris. I literally had chills running down my spine. The collection was cohesive without being repetitive- the were elements of suprise, the detaiting in the garments was amazing, the use of multiple techinques and the play of silhouettes, print, colour and texture with such control was amazing for someone so young. There were so many innovations in pattern making that I can only compare with the Japanese designers. This was truly an original collection- completely individual and unique- I don’t think our fashion sense has evolved enough to enjoy such refined sensibility. Its a pity he wasn’t showing in any of the international fashion weeks where he could have got the acclaim he deserves. I hope one day the so-called fashionistas will be able to appreciate such a refined and subtle sensiblity. Heres to you Mr. Varun Sardana – you made us all proud to be Indians.

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    That was such a well thought out comment!! Indian Fashion IS evolving and its rather pleasurable to see it all happen!

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