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  1. Violet at | | Reply

    Ahhh gorgeous. It seems like she let her hair down in the last pic. I prefer that :)

    1. Melange at | | Reply

      Agree. She looks so beautiful in that lehenga…I love it!

  2. Ladygaga at | | Reply

    Can someone tell me if the bangle is Amrapali?

  3. Puneeta at | | Reply

    Salman looks prettier than her :) <3 his goofy smile.

  4. rs at | | Reply

    Salman Khan still looks like such a dish. How come he doesn’t get old?

  5. Saya at | | Reply

    White sabya lehenga, there is that subtle bling and it looks so good on this lady.

  6. Monika at | | Reply

    very pretty

  7. Farrah at | | Reply

    She looks diviiiiine in that last pic!

  8. smruthi at | | Reply

    I thought this was a Shehla Khan for some reason..

  9. slc at | | Reply

    She looks lovely…great jewelry. I managed to see other pics of this wedding and I must say I’m glad Arpita dressed extravagantly because there were attempts to outdo the bride.

  10. Neharka at | | Reply

    Isn’t this arpita Mehra?

  11. Parizad at | | Reply

    Hi P&P, this is not a Sabya. Just look at the gota pati border, and the blouse. Fake Sabya.

    1. Priyanka at | | Reply

      Wait, is she not wearing this? http://bit.ly/1x8CkXG

    2. Saya at | | Reply

      I think you are right the design on the border and the work is different on her from what P&P has linked to as Sabya.

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