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  1. $ at | | Reply

    Delna Poonawala was seeking revenge of some sort from daisy? :D

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  3. KK at | | Reply

    What is she wearing?! Where did she think she was going??
    If she has a stylist, then he/she must be fired. If she doesn’t have a stylist, then she needs one right away!

  4. Jane at | | Reply

    The shorts emphasizes her lady parts. Gross.

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  6. Pretty at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous in the first outfit, the second one just ruins it for …

  7. (. .) at | | Reply

    the first one highly resembles Ridhi Mehra’s outfits..

  8. whteve at | | Reply

    last bottom pic is awsum….looks like swarm of bees coming out of the flowers on her head…lol

    1. whteve at | | Reply

      track-suit type top is pretty hilarious too :)

  9. Jiminywiminy at | | Reply

    This is such a Ridiculous outfit! The shorts are unfortunately graphic. The jacket looks like a after work out fleece jacket. The shoes are horrible. And shorts for the races?! The only saving grace is the facinator. And while the gray of the facinator certainly matches the dress, ideally the pink in it should have been echoing some pink in the outfit as well. At least the lip colour could have matched the pink in the hat. Right now the lip looks like a completely random colour with no relationship either to the dress or the hat. Epic Fail!

  10. NuttyNeha at | | Reply

    The skirt and top are pretty but don’t go well together… :/

    And what the hell was she wearing at the races?! FIRE THAT STYLIST!!!

  11. Sonam at | | Reply

    That races outfit is the worst I’ve ever seen. Is that a designer!
    The jacket has the worst fit. Some weird sleeves and design. Shorts do not suit any grown woman unless on the beach!
    The shoes are something fugly.
    Leave alone her, Poor makeup and hair.

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