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    The sultry b&w is of the highly talented Ms. Sen Sharma….aka Koko aka Konkona!!

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    B&W poster lady looks like KoKo.

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    Amrita’s look is very dated- and comparing yourself to Angelina Jolie is a very very very baaad idea
    My first thought was Jessica Alba- but that can’t be right- can it?

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    thats konkona!!! and she looks great…..such mystique

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    actually i take that back…thats kajol…phew! took me a while…now I’m a little disappointed coz I realized dabboo ratnani would never get konkona for his calendar

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    Is that Konkona Sen Sharma???

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    its konkana

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    Konkona SenSharma

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    I knew who it was from the first glance, its konkona sen!

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    yay i was the first to post!

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    Sonam, Vidya, Ayesha, Ash, Kareena looks fabulous. Rest are sooo bleh..

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    Looks like either Kangna or Ameesha but that can’t be correct???!!

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    P&P, it is TOO easy… that’s Konkona Sen Sharma!!!

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    Looks like Konkana Sen…very seductive.

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    It’s Kajol in the black and white…isn’t it??

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    if you wanted to buy the calendar, where can you buy it from?

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    i love sonam, ayesha’s really cute n sushmita is fierce.. but yes there is nothing new about the calendar.. it looks like i have seen these before..

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    Konkona Sen!

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    Koko aka Konkana Sen. She looks so 60’s..both impish and innocent

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    OR DEEPIKA…looks more like KONKANA THOUGH!

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    its kajol!

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    I know! I know! I know! Will wait to see if I am right.
    Who’s the one in the lower- boobs-hanging-out pic? Kangana? I am kind of scandalized by it.

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    Its Konona. I guess you won’t be approving my comment then ;) it took me three good viewings to figure it out.

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    I meant Konkona!

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    Who is February? The lady showing a lot of skin, next to Shahid Kapoor.

    I can’t for the love of God figure it out, it’s bugging me!

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    koko!!! nice!

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    i actually think that deepika, priyanka, aishwarya, sonam, vidya & shilpa rocked the calendar.

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    Lack of theme works against the entire calendar.
    Arjun Rampal’s picture is by far the best, simple and not crass like many of the others.

    The women are very disappointing, unfortunate. I mean one of them looks like a watch ad. And another a soap ad.

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    I know…I know..Konkona sen sharma…I hope I am right

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    is the b and white one of konkona?

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    konkana sen sharma?

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    this one is Deepika Padukone!!

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    No idea who that is whatsoever…plzzzzzzzz end the suspense!!!

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    konkona sen sharma

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    The mysterious lady is def none other then Koko… better known as Konkona SenSharma

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    I think its konkona sen sharma

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    The B&W pic is Deepika Padukone. I had it at first glance!

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    who is june?

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    obviously konkana sen

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    Konkana Sen !! Wow!!

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    The black & white photo is that of Konkona Sen Sharma

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    konkona sen sharma

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    is it konkana sen?

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    God knows why i feel its konkana… tho it really cant be!!

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    The B&W is Konkana Sen..right?

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    I am going to guess Konkona Sen Sharma!

    And very drab calendar indeed. I liked the Kingfisher one better, it was very creative and beautiful locales!

  54. Sushi at | | Reply

    Complete lack of creativity and add a lot of hype to that…just doesnt help, does it??
    @ Jesse: thats exactly what I felt when I saw it. They all look like scans of Ads. Seriously…could he not get Aishwarya to do soemthing different FOR ONCE!
    The only one that caught my attention was Abhay Deol

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    I’m guessing its Konkona Sen.

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    i think the close up is of deepika……

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    i think that feb could be Deepika Padukone.. is that right?

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    yep…it is Kangana…it is scandulous but artistic. Only she can pull it off with those naturally tight abs.

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    O gosh this is really poor form for the photographer in question. A vain attempt at being arty-farty. Plus, am still laughing my head off at Abhishek Bachchans picture (I think it was him anyway tugging pseudo-sexily at some item of clothing or another).

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    deepika i think

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    That’s Konkona Sen Sharma!

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    not as impressive as last year the lady in B&W i think is konkana sen sharma

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    Priyanka looks like she’s modeling for some very ordinary lingerie in Vic’s Secret. She’s had some much better pics!

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    It’s Konkona!

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    that woman is konkona…..I got to know in first look itself…

  67. Rashmi at | | Reply

    On second thoughts, i like ajay, arjun and kunal as well..

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    My guess :Konkana

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    Shamita Shetty??? Now I look closely and it looks like Konkana….waiting for you to tell us!!!

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    I actually love Abhay Deol’s and Kunal’s pic..but I am biased! Ayeshas is cute and I like Bobby Deol’s old school look. Viveks is cool and Akshay is always a fav, same with Aish! Shahid, Rani, Kareena’s pics were some of the most boring ones!!

  72. pdaervo at | | Reply

    Sonam and Ash are BY FAR the most stunning
    and OH MY GOD IS THAT KOKO?!?!

  73. anita at | | Reply

    aishwarya looks good, but she looks the same all the time! boring.

  74. Nick at | | Reply

    Konkona? :?

  75. Nick at | | Reply

    I have no idea why we one would have a calendar which repeats the same month twice…

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    @ Jesse, that is Kangana Ranaut!!

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    The lady is Konkona?

  78. Varsha at | | Reply

    Vidya Balan?

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    Oh what the hell, I’m going to hazard a guess… Konkona?

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    This is NOT a calendar… not by any standards. Mr. Ratnani needs to go check out the Campari or Pirelli calendars, to name just 2, to find out what a real collectible calendar should look like. His is just a collection of bad portfolio shots, fit only for the pages of a film mag.

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    My hubby says that it is Konkana Sen Sharma in B&W close-up :)

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    Agree with Jesse, No theme. I cant believe they made a calender and expect to sell it with these pics ! Other than Ajay Devgan’s pic…I dint like anything else. I think this one is Konkana Sen…

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    I think you guys are right, Konkona’s pic is the best, closely followed by Sonam’s. The calendar-shoot is not creative at all, some of the pics look like they’re straight from movie promotions; others are not artistically pleasing at all.

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    Konkana looks nice…I have nothing to say about Amrita!

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    Poor Vivek Oberoi, they made him a clown. There’s Imran Hashmi for the laughs. :-D

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    Its DEEPIKA PADUKON! Konkona doesnt ve feature which is tht sharp!

  87. priya at | | Reply

    thats vidya balan

  88. diptiN at | | Reply

    The BW picture is Ameesha Patel.

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    isnt that deepika??? it doesnt look like konkana!

  90. Neha at | | Reply

    Arre its obviously Konkana. Quite clear!

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    200% sure..its KonkSen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    KANGANA R…Koko’s features are not this sharp…Deeps eyes are long, almond shaped. Kangana these days has been spotted wearing under-eye kajal….but both Kangana and Deeps have been featured elsewhere in the same calendar (Feb and June resp)… GOD pls help!!

  93. anonymiss at | | Reply

    and duh!! the bottom black and white pic is of konkana…com’on guyzzzz not that hard..only took me a glance to figure it out :p

  94. kismet at | | Reply

    it’s konkona, it can’t be deepika or amisha as they have other pics, no actress is repeated.
    I can’t guess who is the woman in August next to Fardeen pics????

    Why is it that in this calender nearly every other pic is of a kindda nude actress, seriously daboo lost all sense os creativity this time and just did face close ups and naked style pics.
    Even kajol and ayesha have very similar sitting on a vehicle pic – how boring!!!!

  95. Jig at | | Reply

    Its definitely DEEPIKA..the chin gives it away.

  96. Hema at | | Reply

    It’s konkona although it does look a bit like Deepika too..

  97. Rashmi at | | Reply

    deepika padukone – looks to me ..

  98. CD at | | Reply

    Konkana Sen! The nose is a dead giveaway!

  99. CD at | | Reply

    And I agree – most pics in the calendar have been seen before. Nothing special and Abhishek Bachchan’s totally laughable!

  100. Rashmi at | | Reply

    Changed my mind.. Konkana Sen -CD – You are right about the nose! Deepika’s nose is much sharper

  101. horrible at | | Reply

    shame..most pics r really vulgar esp kangana, amisha, raima…seem more like they r posing for playboy

  102. Ritu at | | Reply

    Ash is the only one who looks amazing (she looks like her olden days in this picture). Hrithik’s pic is cool too (love the way they used the sword), rest is all blaaah.

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    im only able to view the 2008 on the D-R website calendar gals!
    am i missing something??

  104. Tamanna at | | Reply

    P & P …plz tell us who she is…

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    koko looks wow!! so WOW!

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