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  1. Asli Koel at | | Reply

    A simple salwar – kurta (or the jeans/t shirt she is wearing ) would have helped her blend more with the crowd…

  2. pdaervo at | | Reply

    LOL, I always laught at people who wear hats and sunglasses inside…t just calls MORE attention to you!
    and Idk, I think dark skinny jeans and a black teeis pretty basic and blendable to me

  3. jas at | | Reply

    ya i guess the hat grabs ur attention in a theatre…buh I think she might have worn it to go with the latest trend…kareena wore that hat once while attending a party with saif…

    but anyway I liked the look :D

  4. mj at | | Reply

    this is how u do casual and chilled..hats off to her (pun intended :-)
    anonymity shnonymity…who cares!

  5. sameen at | | Reply

    The hat is so Meghan Fox! I’ve seen her sport that look for the past two months in all the tabloid magazines!

    Or could be the hat is the new in!

  6. kaya at | | Reply

    It’s sad to see sometimes how they’re under a microscope even when you need to just ‘be’ with your friends etc..

    she looks very tired and that reflects in the clothing… I miss her old self alot..

  7. debs at | | Reply

    she looks drained. and sort of sad.

  8. Marya at | | Reply

    I am soooo after a black python paraty..yum

  9. Nick at | | Reply

    I love the version featured here.. very elegant looking. The movie hilarious btw!

  10. chic chick at | | Reply

    Her outfit is beyond unimpressive…but I guess she just wanted to go to the movies and blend in like a normal person (it wasnt like it was the premier or anything) so I would forgive her if it wasnt for the hat- what IS with that hat? And heart the chloe bag but prefer the tan version

  11. Adit at | | Reply

    i like her, she is a star, and has earned her stripes. Give her a little leeway on this hat thing, she may have thought it helped.

  12. nalini at | | Reply

    the hat makes her more noticeable in a crowd…
    looks like she’s trying to keep her head down cuz she’s not wearing makeup. the bag is nice

  13. luna at | | Reply

    i love the look she looks so chilled out..:)

  14. Rani at | | Reply

    i dont care what she wears…she is style personified…period. luv her style.

  15. Sharms at | | Reply

    Ooh definitely prefer the tan version more!

  16. vixen at | | Reply

    i have the same bag in the black python.. n i looovvvveee it.. absolutely beautiful. Chloe is doing them in red n beige python skin for fall- winter 09. the red’s stunning.

  17. keya at | | Reply

    oh I so.. love preity and cant say a word of complaint about her….
    what the hell.. I love her.. she looks cute
    and those shoes and bag is so yum.

  18. monika at | | Reply

    Like her look. Very nice for a casual movie.

  19. ashu at | | Reply

    preity looks a bit tired but she stands out in watever she does n wears…..she makes her presence felt….

  20. ramizi at | | Reply

    why oh why didnt she go with the tan! she does look a tad bit washed out…

  21. P at | | Reply

    The hat could just be to cover a bad hair day or something? I don’t understand what all the hulabaloo is about her wardrobe.. She’s going to the movies people, leave her alone.

  22. Antonia at | | Reply

    She looks great even when dressed down!

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