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  1. Kirsa at | | Reply

    Definitely Sonam. She wins it by miles. Looks so chic on her. On the other hand DP looks like she forgot to wear her bottoms.

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    2. Avani at | | Reply

      LOL. Yes, agreed.

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  2. Saira at | | Reply

    Deepika. Deepika looks AMAZING

  3. Meme at | | Reply

    Sonam. DP looks gorgeous from waist up, but looks like she’s missing pants.

  4. lizzy at | | Reply

    Deepika has no sense of style; to pair those shoes with that top?! But Sonam looks lovely. Just wish she would have carried a different bag.

    1. Saira at | | Reply

      Dude ..Whatever. As if Sonam has.

      1. BlueBells at | | Reply

        Lol @Saira. Love Deepika anyday. Sonam’s face looks pretty but each piece that she is wearing – top, bottoms, earrings, bag belong to 4 different outfits. Shoes don’t go as well. I especially don’t like the sheer top with those pants *shudders*.

        1. Saira at | | Reply

          Exactly. Sonam’s style is always so contrived . Deepika’s is easy breezy.

    2. Parul at | | Reply

      I would absolutely pair a sheer, breezy top like that with hot pants! What’s the issue?

  5. alyzeh at | | Reply

    Deepika. Definitely!

  6. Fergie at | | Reply

    Deepika’s stance in the first pic is just so…. Unattractive. That’s the most polite way I can put it.

    1. Rainbow at | | Reply

      Seriously its looks yucky. Sorry for saying ‘Yucky’ but it looks the opposite of ‘classy’.

    2. Avani at | | Reply

      Ha-ha-ha. Totally! She looks gorgeous facewise but that pose…!

  7. RT at | | Reply

    Sonam takes this one hands down. Deepika’s can not be counted as an outfit. From Sonam’s previous sightings on this blog, she seems like a down time Chloe girl.

  8. alisha at | | Reply

    deepika looks chic. love the way she carries it

  9. Himani at | | Reply

    Sonam all d way..thou dese r nt d best pics of Sonam in dis outfit..hv seen on fb where she is luking really beautiful! Coming to Deepika, as sumone mentioned above, her stance in first pic is very bad!

  10. Tanvi at | | Reply

    One question. Why did Deepika not wear a bottom with tht top? I am not even impressed by Sonam’s look here but compared to Deepika, Sonam’s outfit wins hands down. Deepika is dressing up so wierdly after returning from Hollywood. And don’t get me started on those stupid poses.

    1. Anya at | | Reply

      What are you talking about? She has white shorts on under that top. I don’t think she’s that vulgar to skip on the bottoms. In one of the pictures, you can even see her tucking her hands into the pockets of the shorts.

    2. Nikki at | | Reply

      That is called “Over Confidence”. Not at all impressive.

    3. S at | | Reply

      She was wearing shorts. But they are hard to spot.

  11. Dividiv at | | Reply

    Sonam wins this hands down.
    Am i the only one who sees a bit of Alia here in deepika’s style?

  12. Saira at | | Reply

    People pretending to not see the shorts is funny and we see Deepika’s outfit in summer more often on every age cateogry not just some teenager ( Alia reference above)
    Sonam’s wide pants with that top is throwing the proportions off. Pretentious to say the least.
    And people saying Deepika has no style or vulgur conveniently forgot Sonam has 3 stylists or her recent cleavage drama at the Cannes.

    1. Dividiv at | | Reply

      Well u definitely hate sonam to be calling her names and pointing out on her cannes outing (which i think was an absolute dream this year btw). But thats your perspective….and whatever..
      People like sonam, neha and alia (nothing age related here though) have built their own sense of style and so we see their personality in their outfits. But deepika on the other hand has NONE. Her clothes dont reflect her personal choices. One day shes easy breezy and the other day shes all stiff glamour ( iifa green carpet). There is absolutely no consistency and hence she will always end up being compared. She might be on top of the heap for that face, but for fashion – shes way behind.

      1. Avani at | | Reply

        You said it! I actually like Deepika when it comes to the gorgeous face factor alone. And yes Sonam, Neha & Alia have built their own sense of style and that cannot be said of most others which includes Deepika too.

      2. Saira at | | Reply

        I lost you at you writing that I called Sonam names ( i didn’t want to read further). I dislike Sonam Yes? (Hate is a big word and she is not important at all for me to have such feelings). So carry on with your essay about my feelings on Sonam and Deepika :)

      3. Kirsa at | | Reply

        Sonam is much better in the fashion department whether it is to your liking or not. And I have seen some peeps here pulling down Sonam on each one of her posts in the past (I know one but wouldn’t name, she/he is a regular on this blog and funny thing is recently a commentator asked her a question regarding this and she/he, to no one’s suprise dodged the question and denied it plain straight; damn the hypocrisy!) but they raise hue and cry when there are negative comments on their favourites’ post. No one can deny that there is a lot of negativity on Sonam’s post. I dunno why ppl hate her soo much. And the hypocrisy is a lot to deal with. You don’t like a celeb fine, you can put out your opinion. But why go mad when others too have a dislike for your favourite celeb. Move on and read the only the fangirl comments. I see a lot of negativity on Sonam’s post but I choose not to respond. Afterall each one of us have one favourite or the other. By the way, this is coming from a DP fan and I love BOTH of their sightings.

        1. Saira at | | Reply

          Good for Sonam and Good for you (read first line)
          I don’t read Rants . Nobody got time for that.

          1. Kirsa at |

            Thanks ‘DP’!! I appreciate that you read whole of my rant!

        2. Avani at | | Reply

          Agree on all counts, Kirsa. And I know which that “regular” is and it is not the first time someone questioned that regulars hypocrisy & she/he dodging it. LOL! Obviously when being called out on hypocrisy, one dodges or runs away. Remember that other regular who unnecessarily tried to take words out of your mouth, finally got the taste of her/his own medicine and poof disappeared. I am not a big fan of Sonam’s dressing but no one can deny that she doesn’t have her own style. And anyway not everyone has to like it. The same bunch who makes nasty comments on Sonam and many others will try to act like halo’d souls crusading over the negative comments for their favorites conveniently forgetting their nastiness over celebs they dislike. The hypocrisy is definitely mind boggling.

          1. Kirsa at |

            Yes Avani, seems like there is some serious probe going on our comments LOL! You must have noticed it. But well, dodging is a clever clever art. Peeps do excel in it when it comes to their own hypocrite ideals. Bringing down one celeb time after time and raising hue and cry when the same is done with others. Like seriously!

  13. P at | | Reply

    The ageist and sexist mindset on display in the comment section.

    She is not wearing bottoms.

    Oh, she is wearing them but is copying Alia (like wut?!)

    Seriously? If this is all you can say about her then its no wonder she’s on the top of the heap.

    1. BlueBells at | | Reply

      No wonder she is on the top!

  14. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Sonam photo with a filter on is going to make me biased. So i voted for DP even though i do wish she wore (longer) shorts.

  15. fashionztrail at | | Reply

    Deepika looks like she’s getting her portfolio done for bagging more Hollywood projects.. She looks a sculpted model .. Her clothes don’t reflect her personality..!

  16. yubba_dubba at | | Reply

    Deepu, girlfriend you’re so hot..Sonam..you’re not

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