1. SHe has such a stunning face.. whatever she wears, I think she looks great.. you don’t end up looking at her clothes or even her hair at all..

  2. Agree with Anon. She has a very beautiful face. Although her hairstyle reminds me of 80’s, I think it suits her face very well and more importantly she carries it really well. Now coming to the shoes… well.. they are ugly. :(

  3. she looks good… the clothes really don’t matter when its chitrangna… its her face… n i like her hair..like the unkempt look..

  4. Normally, I would start critiquing the outfit, but I have to say – what a stunner! She’s a modern-day Smita Patil: gorgeous traditional Indian looks and amazing acting talent.

    But even her lovely face does not excuse the hideous shoes :)

  5. What’s so wrong with the hair? I’m sick of the rebonded-flat-look that inevitably needs to be blow-dried (or some such thing) for some thickness/body in the hair :P Natural hair and frizz serum, I say! ;)


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